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Lola Black: Plastic Dashboard Jesus CD review

7 July 2010 20 Comments

Lola Black is a band that probably shouldn’t work at all. But realistically that’s one of the reasons they are so damn popular. Loud, vulgar, and loose punk-metal driven by a group of very talented musicians and fronted by the walking and screaming representative of the “it factor” Ms. Lola Black herself. Lola Black, the woman, can walk into a room of rock stars and everyone turns and takes note. I know. I have seen it. And the band itself is made up of Colorado and national badasses. Guitarist Paige O’Meara is from 8 Bucks Experiment, which besides playing with the biggest punk and hardcore bands over their 1,000 shows, was the band in the movie SLC Punk. On the other guitar and backup growls is one of Colorado’s brightest stars Chris Dellinger known for his front man spot in the ground breaking Blister66. Rounding out the band are the masters Mathew Hale on bass, James Rock on drums, and the girl with the ludicrous hair and talent to match Annie Mac on keyboards and programming.

The Lola Black CD Plastic Dashboard Jesus is eight songs of powerful female fronted punk rock with metal overtones that will make you push the “Time to Rock Out” button on your “Is Anybody Looking?” control panel. There is a reason Lola Black just won Westword Magazine’s Best Punk Band award at the 2010 awards 1 week ago. This is Colorado’s highest award and it all comes from the fans.

At the award ceremony I asked Ms. Lola Black about what they were going for with the CD, “It’s a rock your ass off, sing your ass off while you’re in the shower, and a good times music type of CD.”

Guitarist “Crispy” Chris Dellinger had this to say about Lola Black’s sound, “Lola Black is asshole rock. We are all a bunch of assholes and we like to rock out.” Which of course was followed by his signature eat shit grin, but yeah, that basically sums them up perfectly.

My favorite songs on the CD are Lines Between, Words We Say, and Stalker. Check out their tunes on all the usual websites and when they come to your town on tour be sure to go to the show. A Lola Black concert will remind you that punk should be dangerous, cool, and played with reckless abandon. Having talented hot chicks in the band doesn’t hurt either.





  • Lola Black said:

    This CD fuckin rocks! I would know because Im Lola Black. So buy it on I-tunes and then you can be the judge! xoxo

  • Boone said:

    Awesome CD! We Own It and We Love It! And We Love The One and Only Lola Black! She is tha BOMB! Her Music will Kick You in the Balls and make you wanna come Crawling back for some More! So Go Get You Some!

  • imbtb said:

    This is one of those get off your ass CD’s. If you’re not rocking out your better be drunk off your ass passed out. It’s punk, it’s rock, it’s just great fuckin music.

  • rrealm9 said:

    Awesome news and exposure…congrats!

  • dannydeisel said:

    I first saw Lola when they started in 2008! They were pretty off the hook then but are TEN TIMES better now. Got the c.d. off I-tunes and then even bought it at a live show to have an autographed copy. This band should and will be huge! Great article Groovey! could have been a bit longer though…………

  • Theabeanz said:

    Great guitars, banging drums, hilariously clever lyrics…lots of rock, some roll, AND punk. Mix it all together with a hot chick spouting kick ass vocals, and you get LOLA BLACK!!! Hell yeah this CD rocks…too sad there aren’t more songs. I especially love Lines Between and Stuck on You (two tunes I have been known to sing in the shower). But, there’s nothing like rocking out to Stalker with my girlz!!! Can’t wait to see what they do next..BORACHO, here I come!

  • Steve said:

    Maybe we should think about having Lola Black on a cover feature of Hollywood Music Magazine.. Any thoughts?

  • Norma Leigh Naughty said:

    Not only is Plastic Dashboard Jesus a sinfully good album, Lola Black is EPIC live and every single show is Even better than the last. They didnt win BEST PUNK band in DENVER 2010 for nothing. I think it would be Amazing to have Lola on at least one of your covers and is certainly well deserved! Playing Denvers’ Oriental Theatre tomorrow night for the Vixens Ball! So if you havent you NEED to see AND hear Lola Black. Dont forget to stop n see yours truely slingin the merch! Youre gonna want some!!!

  • lilbit said:

    Hey Steve,
    Absolutely you should put them on the cover! Hells Yeah

  • MadMax10 said:

    Foot Keeps Tapping, Head Keeps Movin, This album moves really good and they really bring it live so all the bases are coverd, check it out.

  • jazz said:

    I have known Lola black now for over a year. This band is KICK ASS….. They play such a good show they will make you want to come back for more. Its like going to get a tatoo its an addictive pain. Their music will keep your body wanting to rock all night! They will never have a boring show. Plastic dash board Jesus is one of my favorite albulms to rock out to in the car where ever I may be going!!!! Check it out you will not regret buying it. Trust me!!!

  • spu01nky said:

    I have been friends with the members of Lola Black for years. They are a kick ass band. Every show that they play is full of engery. Each show is better then the one before and for the cd it’s the only cd in my car that is listened to everyday.

  • Jschafer21 said:

    Absolutely you should put them on the cover! THEY KICK ASS!!!!!

  • gaf627 said:

    There is no doubt that Lola Black needs to be on the cover. Saw her last night and I’m wanting more! Gotta love Stalker! This is what the punk scene has been missing…

  • Norma Leigh Naughty said:

    Make LOLA BLACK the First American UNSIGNED Band on the Cover of Hollywood Music Magazine!! Fuck Yeah!!!!

  • Ride the snake said:

    Love the album, leaves me wanting more! Just saw them the other night and they were F’ing RAD! Lola Black COVER BOUND!!!

  • Alkeno54 said:

    I have never heard a band like this one!!! They have their own way of music. I go to every show I can and they get better and better!!! Their stage presents is amazing and they always change it up. I listen to their music all the time and Will always go to their shows. They are awsome!!! I’m soo proud of them!!! Put them on the cover!!!! It would be the best thing ever!!!

  • Camurai said:

    LOLA BLACK For the BADASS HWMM Cover!!…

    I’m Damn sure I’m not the only Plebeian in Denver to agree with that statement!…

    Rock on!

  • jhoney74 said:

    My name is Jhoney and I run biggerguyproductions. Lola Black asked me to come out and get some video of her performing live for the Vixens Ball at The Oriental Theater in Denver Colorado. I was blown away by her essence when she greeted me before the shoot. She might be a force to be reckoned with on stage but off stage she is a sweetheart. Her performance was amazing how much energy she put out in the room and all of the energy she got back from her fans was mind blowing. Enough of that I want to show you the real Lola Black Live. She will make you think twice about taking her for granted…
    Stay Cherry

  • Groovey (author) said:

    Well if my vote counts I vote for Lola Black on a future cover. And actually I guess even if my vote doesn’t count I vote for Lola Black on a future cover. hahahhaha!

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