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The Midnight Marionettes: Sacrosanct Album Review

12 July 2016 No Comment

midnight marionette cover(By UmbrageGhost) Throughout their album The Midnight Marionettes do well to really set the tone for a goth-rock band. With catchy choruses and instrumental pieces that fit each song together well. The singer Starla has a voice that really fits the “creepier” tone of their music, sounding almost like tracks from a horror film. It definitely has the dark, and gothic feeling to it, not only with the lyrics written but in the way they add in an almost haunting melody. Each song is fairly easy to understand, the singer vocalizes them well without mumbling or slurring them together, though there are a couple areas could be projected more. There are areas the singer tends to drown out the rest of the band, which could just be an easy production fix by raising the tone of the instruments so they are clearer to hear while the singer is projecting her voice. Overall the band brings in new and catchy sounds to the goth-rock genre and have strong potential to really become a big hit with more songs and albums to come. I can safely say I would be eager to hear more from them, easily becoming a fan after the first few songs of this first album.
Overall Score: 4 out of 5
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