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The Heaven Switch is Heaven Sent

24 January 2012 No Comment

It’s not very often to see a girl my age physically dancing to the music coming out of her headphones at the airport. But the people at Dallas Fort Worth airport got to witness it, as I sat down to listen to The Heaven Switch for the first time.

I like to listen to my music on random so that when a song comes on it surprises me. With The Heaven Switch it doesn’t matter what song plays first, I immediately start swaying and bouncing along to the music.

It’s…melodic. A lot of today’s pop rock seems to be missing the melodic aspect, opting for something more electrical and less natural. But not The Heaven Switch. The music is soft, fun and loud but it never seems to lose that natural, personal feel to it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is watch out. The Heaven Switch is on the up and coming bands of 2012 list with songs featured on TV shows and – most recently – featured on MTV’s Buzzworthy.

By now, you probably all know I have a soft spot for pop-rock music. I like natural sounding music that makes me want to bounce around over music that makes me want to punch someone (I still don’t get why music makes people want to fight) and music that makes me want to shake my booty (I don’t dance.)

So bouncing around is what I like to do – singing the words at the top of my lungs in my car as I drive around Los Angeles – or at one of my favorite shows. Let me tell you, The Heaven Switch will be playing from my speakers for the next several months as I watch this band get big.

So if you want to join me from your car – where we can wave at each other when we pass on the 405 – check out their music on iTunes today. A selection like this – sad songs to cry to when you’re having a bad day to music that’s got me bouncing – is not as common as it used to be.

So I’ll leave you with these lyrics: “Someday I hope you find all the things you want; all the things that you deserve.”

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