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Anialator Interview

2 July 2018 No Comment

23004504_1668882666509293_7253986529512242479_o (1)Texas thrash titans Anialator have dropped an epic new EP entitled Rise to Supremacy that is totally worthy of your ear holes and mosh moves.  The Corpus Christi five piece have returned with a vengeance and you can expect big things to be happening from them in the very near future.

Anialator rolls off the tongue nicely. What’s the story behind it?

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass: Back in 1986 when I started Anialator, I wanted a name that would represent the style of music and lyrics we were writing. Brutal, in your face, thrash metal. In the 80’s there was no internet, Google, Facebook, etc. to know if there were any other bands with the name. Luckily, I misspelled the name separating us from other bands that might have the same name.

What are some things about the Anialator’s style that shows off your uniqueness and individuality?

Answered by: Roland Torres: Guitar: The music is eclectic due to all the different influences in the band. The unique thing is the drive to make each song different from the previous song

How has your musical taste changed over the years?

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass: Me personally, I’ve opened up to a lot of different styles and genre of music that have help in expanding my writing skills.

What life experiences have had the most influence on your current music?

Answered By Roland Torres: The death of my parents and some former band members

If you could choose three headliners for a music festival, who would you choose and why?

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass :

1. Thin Lizzy- The Thunder and Lightning line-up. Just because they Kick Ass!

2. Pantera- They are from the Lone Star State like Anialator. They were ahead of their time and paved the way for metal acts out of Texas. If you’ve ever been to a Pantera show, you know how brutal it can get. If you have never seen them, well now you are just god dammed out of luck!

3. Anialator of course! And why the hell not! Just listen to our EP Rise to Supremacy. Enough said!

What artists have had an influence on your singing style?

Answered By Angel Gonzalez: vocals

Tom Araya of Slayer

Roger Miret of Agnostic Front

Phil Anselmo of Pantera

a1515558518_10What messages do you want to get across to your fans with your music and lyrics?

Answered by Angel Gonzalez/Vocals: We’re a straight up Thrashcore band from Texas with Dark Chaotic Apocalyptic Lyrics we’ll be coming to a city near you soon…

What’s one of the hardest parts about touring? Have you had anything embarrassing happen while performing?

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass : Trying to sleep off a hangover while riding in a van with 4 other smelly, loud assholes.

Our singer stepped on a 40 oz beer bottle on stage, losing his balance, falling flat on his back and had to finish the song that way at a show in El Paso, Tx.

What’s the most intense natural disaster that you have experienced? Earthquake, hurricane, tornado etc…

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass:

Being from the Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi, we experience hurricanes pretty regularly. The worst probably Hurricane Celia I was 5 year old and I remember looking out a crack in the board covering the window of our house seeing rooftops of our neighbors being ripped off, telephone poles flying through the air. It was some pretty scary shit.

2018 is halfway gone already. What are your goals both personally and professionally for the rest of the year and the next?

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass: Professionally Anialator would like to finish the rest of the year with at least two more tours under our belt and then start on a full length album for 2019.

Personally, to marry my beautiful girlfriend by the end of this year.

If any of our readers have never been to Corpus Christi, what are some must-see hidden gems that you recommend?

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass: Corpus Christi is a tourist city. Full of beaches and attractions. So if you like fishing, family time or just beach bumming it’s all there. Oh and of course the Selena statue on the bay front.

Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?!

Answered by: Alex Dominguez Founder/Bass: If you haven’t picked up our EP Rise to Supremacy out on Xtreem Music then what the fuck are you waiting for? Get your asses online and get a copy or come out and pick one up at one of our stops when we are out on tour! Thanks to everyone who has thrashed out and drank beer with us at our shows. And Thank you Hollywood Music Magazine for turning your readers on to Anialator with this cool fucking interview. Cheers!!





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