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Awake For Days Interview

8 January 2019 No Comment

Awake For Days are based out of the island paradise of Sardinia and play a killer style of modern metal that is sure to elevate the genre once the world hears it.  Their tunes are totally rockin and definitely ready for stadium sized crowds.  AFD have a new album about to drop called Multiverse and will be touring extensively to support it..

What’s the music scene like in Sardinia?

(Nino) Sardinia have a very open music scene that goes from folk music to extreme metal, and we have some examples of true ingenious artists (search for Paolo Angeli and his weird guitar) Unfortunately the life for a metal band here is difficult, every year there are less gigs and festivals and venues have tough times for making bands plays. It’s a little sad scene in a whole, but we do not stop to try making Metal in a land struggled by taxes and few venues.. we aim to the world!

What is there about Sardinia that most people don’t know?

(Nick) A lot of things: we live in a breath taking land with an ancestral history. In this island an ancient civilization built over 11,000 towers made with massive stones, some of them represents the sky constellations in the earth, like Egyptians did. A total mystery, and nobody clearly knows how they were built or why. Just search for “Nuraghes” on YouTube: in Sardinia seems like to live in a bigger Stonehenge, but like “more and more and more powerful”. And less and less touristic, for sure. But everybody goes away impressed and with a soulful emotion and love for this land.

(Nino) Sardinia is unique even for the food: we can tell you about the “casu marzu” but maybe a cheese gourmet could know it so we tell you something more ancestral: the “sambeneddu” or “zurrette”…only for the brave!

What was the initial inspiration behind the creation of Awake For Days?

(Lukas) The initial inspiration was certainly the desire to emerge from our island with our music. In all honesty, it has always been a project born with so much ambition behind, me and Nino (the founders), we have always tried to bring our sound and vision of the band to the next levels. Working with high-level producers was certainly one of the steps needed to create the right foundation for this project.

Who does what in the song writing and assembly?

(Nino) We do all pretty much everything in the first stages of pre-production, then we have the fortune of having a producer Eddy that helps us making our demos a solid song.

(Lukas) For these two albums, Nino and I mainly wrote the guitar riffs and vocal lines, then bassist and drummer have worked on it and created their lines, then all the material was assembled together with our producer who worked actively to the pre-production process.

What sort of musical training have the members of Awake For Days taken part in?

(Lukas) I like that you are talking about “Musical Training” because it is precisely the right definition of the type of work behind our vision. Our training consists of 3 days a week in which for 3 hours the band is dedicated to the execution of their songs in detail, in particular this work was much more present in the songs of the old album, where there were polyrhythmics and other particular rhythmic figures, each single riff was analyzed individually and played until it reached the groove and the attitude that most satisfied us. For this album the training it is much simpler, because we wrote in a different way, putting aside some technicalities, and worked more on simplicity, on being more direct, and given space to the interpretation of the song.

In the rest of the time the band is dedicated to creating the show that will be presented to the audience, we take care of everything, from our movements, to the writing of the lights. Are you wondering what kind of work can they do on the lights???

Nino has created a show of lights that is totally controlled by MIDI, our show is completely structured to be played on the metronome with the use of backing tracks, with all the extra instruments that we do not play live, so once the song starts all the lights go in sync with our show! Just as we are used to seeing from established bands in the music business.

AFD LogoWhat are some things about the Awake For Day’s style that shows off your uniqueness and individuality?

(Lukas) The place where we come from for sure is one of the highlights! The way of thinking and living are unique, the energy that our earth gives us. The world says that! This puts us in a position to show people our unique way of perceiving life, and the way we have to tell it with our songs.

The new album Multiverse in in the works. How do the songs represent your view of the world?

(Lukas) Multiverse is almost ready, and in this album we wanted to fully show our vision on motivational themes. Some of these songs speak of personal wounds, we wanted to show off to try to help those who find themselves in the same conditions and difficulties, in particular depressive conditions.

Please describe what Multiverse sounds like as a whole and any specific songs you think that stand out among the rest at this point?

(Lukas) Multiverse is a concentrate of energy, it is a hymn to life. Regarding the sound we tried to recall a bit of the Numetal of the 90’s in a modern key enclosed in the Alternative Metal genre.

The songs that most represent us and are distinguished within the album are without doubt:

Break your Chains

With You

Falling Down

Now or Never

Lyrically what are some of the most personal moments that are discussed in the songs?

(Lukas) As I said before, the most personal issues concern the way of experiencing depression. I wanted to put my personal experience at the disposal of those who needed it, to understand that out there we are not alone. TOGETHER, that’s that only way to deal with this damn disease. Don’t think you’re just out there alone, or that you’re a burden to your loved ones. United we can win this battle, if you close yourself off your loneliness can become a cage, a place to relive your demons, not a solution.

Why do you feel that people really need to hear this album?

(Lukas) I think people should listen to Multiverse as a therapy of the soul, to regain strength and faith in themselves, to understand that together we can make the difference, but that the first step must start from ourselves.

One of the by-products of the multiverse theory is something a group of people claim to be experiencing called The Mandela Effect. Are there any members of AFD experiencing the Mandela Effect? If so details please.

(Lukas) Personally I have heard of the Mandela Effect, but I do not have cases that fall into this theory.

Awake for DaysWhat was Awake For Days’s biggest highlight of 2018?

(Nick) personally: listening for the first time our new songs, finally taking form. We’ve worked so hard for that moment, and having the privilege to live a moment like this is pure magic. Then the good reactions for our first single’s video “With You”, and the signing with Shawn Barush and MGI. These has been very intense days!

What are a few of the struggles when trying to balance home life, work life, and band life?

(Nick) We spent a lot of time considering each one for himself what do do in this moment of our lives. Now: we’re a rock band, but the band is also our work, in some way. Everyone of us has planned a life with little jobs, but all the savings and almost every cent we earn is reinvested in THE BAND. So, the answer is simple: there’s NO balance. Music comes first.

What are your band goals for 2019?

(Nick) What every band wants: to experience bigger stages, to tour everywhere and to be appreciated for our songs. To grow up as musicians and humans. To hear our creations in a radio station without knowing it first. To see every effort paid and to fall in love with 100.000 people during a gig!

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Awake For Days - With You (Official Video)

Awake For Days – With You (Official Video)

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