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Blindfold The Devil

6 February 2010 No Comment

Blindfold The Devil radiates talent like Chernobyl just plain radiates.  These four guys who are only a year or two out of high school are catching the attention of pretty much everyone with still functioning ears in the Colorado metal scene.  Blindfold The Devil are attempting to pull Metallica’s Excalibur from the stone that they for some reason lost track of decades ago.  Somewhere between And Justice For All and The Black Album in my opinion (Ahhh I can smell the hate mail baking now.)  But BTD isn’t trying to imitate Metallica they just possess Metallica’s old spirit from the long long ago of the Cliff Burton days and are mixing in the style of today’s current melodic metal players like Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold.

Although some of the friendships in Blindfold The Devil literally go all the way back to kindergarten, and there have been some other band incarnations over the years, the BTD band as we know it has only existed for 2 years.  They of course have gone through the inevitable as breath line up changes but the current Blindfold The Devil roster seems to be the one that has cemented.  That line up is: James Romero-Lead Vocals/Guitar, Derrick Peters-Drums, Kevin Polinski-Lead Guitar, and Stefan Fuller-Bass.  The amazing thing about these 4 individuals is that not only have they made friends and working relationships with their Bullet For My Valentine inspiration but that 2 of our Colorado super stars being Ill Nino’s Ahrue Luster and Modulus Guitar’s Rich Ross both told me separately in the same week how talented these guys were and that I should check them out.

I recently interviewed James, the frontman for Blindfold The Devil, and the thing that impressed me most within the first minute was the realization that this dude gets it.  He didn’t sound like your average 19 year old all giddy and quivering about his new shiny toy.  Actually I felt like I was interviewing some grizzled 35 year old who has been on tour for half his life.  I have no doubt that James was born for the pro touring musician career choice.  You can hear it in the gravel in his voice and in his words.  Here’s what James had to say about the upcoming CD release and working with producer Ahrue Luster, “It’s going to a 6 song EP release and the CD release show will be in February at the Gothic Theater.  Ahrue has been a big help in putting all that together.  He’s recorded and produced most of the songs on the CD and has been a huge positive influence for us.  While recording he has helped us build our song writing into an art form so we can appeal to many different audiences and open up our demographic.  So, as well as people who listen to Judas Priest and Slayer, there’s those other people who listen to the more modern melodic metal like Bullet For My Valentine and Shadows  Fall and we are bringing both those groups together.”

If you have any doubt how good Blindfold The devil is please go to their Myspace and listen to the song “Demons of Angels”.  The potential this band has can only be stated as “All The Way”. If you do not hear that potential then I just wanted to let you know that the John Tesh fan club has some openings and I think you would be perfect for it.  You get a free John Tesh signature ottoman or something.  (The preceding statement about the John Tesh fan club may not be based on reality.)

Whether you are a student of the old school or new school of metal go check out the BTD School of Metal and you will not be disappointed.  You might just earn an honorary degree in shredding.



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