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Bourbon Brawlers Interview

16 August 2018 No Comment

Bourbon BrawlersIf The Pogues, The Tossers and Dropkick Murphys got into a dust up in the streets their offspring would pop out drunkenly howling as the Bourbon Brawlers.  The Bourbon Brawlers are a 7 piece folk/punk/Irish whackadoodle of dudes that write songs for the drinking crowd that are loose but still in the pocket and overall fun.  Their new album Befriend Your Sins just dropped as well as a music video for the single “Irish Yoga”

Let’s get started with the basics. What’s the meaning behind the name Bourbon Brawlers? Why not Peppermint Schnapps Pugilists?

We all wanna kill a bottle of bourbon – on a regular basis. Who doesn’t? I’ve always felt whiskey represents the working class and we’re all in it for the free booze and good times. And also there’s only so many things you can kill in traffic.

Who are the band members and what are their roles?

Damien – drums and dildos, fighting off crazy people with knives
Snoopy – kick flipping stand up basses
Rusty – (see Flava Flave) washboard, vox
Scott – comic relief, banjo, father
Tom – I’m in the band? (mandolin)
Raul – blowing the D. . .minor (harmonica and vox)
Mike – cat wrangler, woody axe n vox

Who does what in the song writing and assembly?

Mainly the whiskey. After regular blackouts we woke up in the band. But seriously, every member brings their own bottles of the whiskey to the table.

The new album Befriend Your Sins just dropped.  How do the songs represent befriending your sins?

A drunk man says what a sober man thinks,
You never think to speak your mind,
Let it all out and drink it all in,
‘Till you learn to befriend you sins.
Bourbon Brawlers 3:16 – LIGHT IT UP

Befriend Your SinsPlease describe what the album sounds like as a whole and any specific songs you think that stand out among the rest.
It sounds like you need to come to Denver, smoke a fat blunt and drink a bottle of whiskey at a Bourbon Brawlers show.  The album doesn’t hold a candle to our live show. We recorded it in our basement.

Why do you feel that people really need to hear this album?

We don’t sound like anything else. We want everyone to drop what they’re doing, take a minute and a couple fingers of good whiskey, and enjoy themselves for once. Life is short. Drink it up my friends.

Lyrically what were some of your most personal moments that are discussed in the songs?

So on the physical copy of the CD there’s two additional songs “Whiskey Souls” and “Kevin and Bob.” “Kevin and Bob” were two close friends to multiple band members. Kevin was in Plan B Rejects with Tom (mandolin) and Ugly Bumpers with Mike (guitar and vox).
3-31-15 Kevin Book died from undiagnosed cystic fibrosis sped up from years of drug and alcohol abuse. R.I.P. my brother
3-2-16 Bob “Blackbeard” Osborn passed away with complications of an undiagnosed abnormally large heart. R.I.P. my brother
That song is dedicated to those good friends of ours and a reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised, so enjoy your life when you can.

First what is Irish yoga? Second why is there no Irish yoga in your music video for “Irish Yoga?”

Irish yoga is getting so drunk that you pass out in an uncomfortable position. There’s none in the video cause it’s DIY and someone had to be sober enough to record.

Your drummer has one of the most horrific but yet life affirming and very punk rock stories ever.  Details please.

Someone tried to randomly murder me. I sell dildos for a living. I was in between buttplug customers and decided to take a break, went outside for a smoke, and a crazy guy on Colfax whom I thought was going to just walk past me, pulled out a knife and started attacking me without warning. I brawled the guy off me and ended up in the hospital with some stab wounds. Eight days later, I played our CD release show, two days after that I went back to the hospital and and ended up with a blood clot. I no longer take smoke breaks at work. And yes, I still sell dildos three months of recovery later.

We are now over half way through 2018.  What are your goals for the rest of the year as a band? More writing? Touring?

Hey we’re gonna play with Goddamn Gallows after Damien gets back from Burning Man. We also got a good gig with Tejon Street Corner Thieves up in Breckenridge at a whiskey tasting festival Oct 23rd. Hopefully we’ll have enough new material for an EP at the end of the year.

Please give us some stories of the stupidest things the band members have ever done.

Besides Rusty telling us about a night he had no whiskey so instead drank a half gallon of tequila? He thought he woke up in the drunk tank but ended up doing 4 months in San Diego for trying to steal a train. There’s a reason we prefer whiskey. . .

If there’s anything else you would like to add please do so.

Scott is an ordained priest.
Damien actually sells buttplugs without using them.
Rusty is court-ordered not to drink.
Raul has a black belt, and cross dresses on occasions
Tom’s name doesn’t appear on our CD… Because whiskey.
Snoopy has a song written about his elusivity by Truckasaurus
Mike once cleared out the Lion’s Lair with a single fart…on acid (and Illegal Pete’s). Seriously, the band stopped playing and everything.

“Irish Yoga” Video: https://youtu.be/eyaGxDin2NY






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