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Era 9 – New Era In Music

18 September 2015 No Comment

1006348_651942561505755_1326571883_nComing in hot from Montreal, Canada are Trap Rockers Era 9. Compiling a larger than life sound and different message conveyed every song thus far, Era 9 has created a audible delight to many listeners and guarantees something for everyone.

From dark topics such as revenge, to helping others out and laying down pride to recieve help, Era 9 are making tidal waves of new fans everyday with their dynamic and adaptable songwriting techniques.

Phil Paolino, lead vocalist for the band has been inspired by music singe the young age of 5 and pursued it all through his years of education to where he met the rest of the guys. Phil took some time before a show to speak with me about his band and their ever-changing message.

Phil gives us insight into himself and the band: “We’ve actually been together for the past few years now. I grew up singing at a very young age and just kept up with it. I even went to school and in college and when i found the guys up til now we’ve been making music.” – Phil Paolino

1186345_655622007804477_1561353866_nWhat are some bands do you think your sound relates to?

Phil: “We draw alot from bands like Linkin Park, 30 seconds to mars. We draw from them what sets them apart and we look to do the same thing while drawing off of familiar influences.

We want to have that uniqueness that makes us special you know?”

In my many moments of losing professionalism, I had to give proper respect where it was due in the bands tenacity to take on songs such as Linkin Park’s Numb and 30 Seconds to Mars’ The Kill. Phil told me that they are always looking to throw in at least one cover song per set for themselves and their audience.

In your bio it mentions you are Multilingual, how did you learn to speak other languages?

Phil: “Well we grew up in a town called Montreal, it’s a big city in canada and it is multi-cutural as it is. I grew up french and parts italian. Me and marco and the drummer are actually french. When you are in a multicutural city such as Montreal you learn to speak many languages.”

So tell me about your band name.

922123_592366147463397_1251419542_oPhil: “We wanted something that you could sort of label. We wanted something that meant something else, that would stand. Era 9 came about by brainstorming and about creating a new era of music.”

In regards to the bands imagery surround the name, Era 9 has all of their unique and abstract artwork done in house by their very own guitarist Jona Dhe Paganon.

Speaking of other talents the band may hold, Phil handles the day to day affairs and scheduling for the band as well as financial. Sort of an administration role. Phil weighs in on why he does this.

“I think now more so than ever, having your hands completely involved in your band and your music from point A to point B, it makes it alot easier and more cost effective to the band when handling your own accounts.” – Phil

Era 9 currently have two singles out. Phil spoke about both of them and how they serve a purpose but aren’t the absolute when it comes to what the band writes and wants to put out.

Fire - One of the first singles from their Turn Day EP, Fire handles the subject of revenge. Phil mentions that he does not condone any fight fire with fire actions, but that the song is more of a therapeutic release, a simple message of having enough while not acting on violent or otherwise negative actions.

Oxygen – One of the more notable songs upon first listen, Phil says Oxygen is about laying down pride and asking for help, giving your time to someone else, and being their Oxygen in a time of need. A powerful message indeed when you consider todays landscape of a me first attitude and look out for number one.

Both songs are the definition of complete opposites but work well together. The band whole heartedly agrees that a ever changing message is what is needed to create unique and powerful music. This approach leaves every Era 9 song up to the listeners interpretation and enjoyment.

Big things are in store this year for Era 9 as the guys approach the release of new music, touring, and other fun things. So i’ll be joining in on this Era of new music, Will you?

For more information on Era 9, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/era9official/

Written by James West 9-4-2015

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