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Every Avenue “Rock Yourself To Sleep”

12 July 2010 No Comment

Contrary to the name of the tour, Every Avenue and its accompanying bands will not rock you to sleep. Instead, they’ll get everyone moving and jumping to their diverse, off the radar songs.

The Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour, sponsored by Motel 6, 1-800-Mattress and Dundler Mifflin, is comprised of There for Tomorrow, The Secret Handshake, Sing it Loud, and headliners Every Avenue.

A countrywide tour, Rock Yourself To Sleep had six stops in California, including the Troubadour in Hollywood on Thursday, June 24.Unlike some tours, the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour has an array of music including The Secret Handshake, which has a Mo-town vibe.

“We play a different type of music than any of the bands on this tour, “ Luis Dubuc, from the Secret Handshake, said. “We don’t do rock music at all.”

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, the lack of rock music in his band was not something worth crying over. With their set dead middle, Dubuc and his band pumped up the crowd and got everyone clapping and dancing. Dubuc is the only person on both of the Secret Handshake albums, with a third being released in August.

“It’s always me on all of the records and then it’s different people playing with me, to keep it fresh,” Dubuc said.

The rest of the band on this particular tour include two female artists who appeared on the upcoming record. Their voices can be compared to those of the muses from Disney’s animation Hercules.

Once the crowd was jumping around from the opening bands, Every Avenue stepped onstage to greet a room full of screaming teenage girls. (I believe this is every band’s dream.) Although, I may have felt a little old for the crowd (and I’m only 21), Every Avenue’s music is enjoyable and dance-worthy.
In fact, guitarists Josh Randall and Jimmie Deeghan agree that the tour has a “whole lot of shakin’ it.”

Crowd favorites included “Picture Perfect” and “Girl Like That.” Despite a general love of the fast music that made the crowd dance, when Dave Strauchman, vocals, sat down at the keyboard and began to play “Happy the Hard Way,” a general sigh rippled through the crowd.

Within their set, Every Avenue played a variety of songs on all topics. The band gets their inspiration from “anything and everything, I guess,” Randall said. “Life in general. Relationships and friends. Good times and bad times.”

Like most bands, fans identify with the music and some have even flown from other countries to see them perform. Although they have not quite become a known band, they have a strong fan base.

The band has worked with nonprofit organization Music Saves Lives and will be embarking on a Japan tour after this one ends. In between tours and whenever they find time, they’ll start recording their next album.

Check out the Rock Yourself to Sleep Tour at www.rockyourselftosleep.com. Every Avenue can be found at http://www.myspace.com/everyavenue and The Secret Handshake at http://thesecrethandshake.net/

Written by: Raewyn Smith

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