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Fearless Friends Tour 2010: Every Avenue

15 November 2010 No Comment

I admit I was a bit apprehensive when I was asked to interview the bands on the ‘Fearless Friends Tour’ that was going on at the House of Blues, Anaheim. It was something that was completely out of my usual scene, but sometimes it’s a good thing to take a step back and out of my comfort zone and see what other music scenes have to offer.

Doing my research and listening to each band extensively a day prior to me having to sit down with them was a challenge all on it’s own. However, credit give where credit is due, these bands have major talent and pour out their emotions into each song. This tour was more of a showcase for the bands signed to Fearless Records which are more of a family. Their love for the music they create and touring can be seen in their eyes and felt when they hit the stage. I sat down with Dave Strauchman, front man of the Michigan based “Every Avenue”, to pick his brain and get the inside scoop on the tour.

How long has the ‘Fearless Friends Tour’ been going on for?

Dave: “Since October 13th.”

How do you like playing the House of Blues, Anaheim?

Dave: “I like it. I love California. We’ll play here today, then the Sunset, Hollywood House of Blues on Tuesday.”

Do you guys have any pre-show rituals or must haves before hitting the stage?

Dave: “Umm, we all meet together, have a few drinks, get really loud, annoying and then go do it”.

Being the front man and lead singer, while on tour you have to take care of your voice to insure it lasts the entire tour run. How do you take care of yours? Have you ever had it go out?

Dave: “I don’t even think about it, that’s the best advice I could give anyone. Don’t worry about it. Cause the more you worry about it the more you think about it and you’ll stress about it and stress is the worst thing on your voice. I used to never drink or smoke or anything on tour and then I developed vocal nodes, I don’t know if you know what those are but let me give you a quick vocal lesson. Your vocal chords are supposed to sit side to side and move apart with range when you speak. I suffered from acid reflux, I never knew I had this so pretty much all the acid was going up my larynx and burning, causing all this mucus, the mucus sits in between the vocal chords and causes blisters. So it’s like singing with an M&M in between your vocal chords. You go up and your voice would crack. It can cause a lot of problems. But then I pretty much stopped caring and my voice has been awesome ever since then. We’ve canceled tours before. When that happened I had to go home and go on vocal rest for 10 days. So I sat in my basement with a dry erase board and movies for 10 days. It was the worst 10 days of my life. I couldn’t say a word.”

The scene and genre you guys cater to seems to have a stronger female following, more then a male following. Why do you think that is?

Dave: “I think our lyrics talk more about relationships. Where a girl might care more about a relationship then a guy might. Therefore we attract girl fans. I think it’s one of those things where a guy would rather hear it with a tougher sound. You know, some of these metal bands put their relationship love songs lyrics to a song that you’d never be able to tell because of their sound. I think our guy fans are gonna look for that.”

When you first started the band, how did you pick which genre to play? Any specific influences that helped sway that decision?

Dave: “I think when we first started, you know, we were having fun and just making the music that we knew how to make. We weren’t songwriters or anything like that. We always loved pop music. I’ve always loved pop music. It just made me wanna become a better song writer. I started writing a lot more. I feel like we just created our own sound. More pop sound. We have certain formulas we follow, I guess. We just started writing the best songs we can.”

How many albums have you guys released?

Dave: “We have two full lengths. 3 EP’s and one really, really, really terrible thing we put out back when we first started when I was 15 or 16.”

The music video for “Tell Me I’m A Wreck” seems very personal and has many people included in the treatment. Tell me more about this video.

Dave: “When we first did that video, we didn’t wanna do a typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, break up and get back together. The cool thing about that video is everybody may not realize it but is going through something. Internally I guess. The video was cool because everybody was sat down and interviewed about their relationships and what happened with them. There’s a lot of really personal stuff in there. Those are all real people. Real situations. It’s not just made up. My mom is in it. My grandma is in it. Everyone’s family is in it. I think it just gave you that awareness that everyone is going through something whether you think not. Like anyone in this building I could sit down with and talk to them about a past relationship. Even if you’re single you’re still going through something”.

Are there plans or talking for a future album?

Dave: “Yeah we’ve been writing a lot. It’s really up in the air and can’t really give you any details.”

Article/Interview & Photographs By: Nadia Guardado

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