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Interview with A New Way To Live Forever

15 July 2015 One Comment

IMG_1757(By Mary Montgomery) A New Way To Live Forever, the soulful, spirited pop rock band from the Florida music scene is getting ready to drop a new album, Monument, and we couldn’t be happier. This band is able to deliver powerful melodies while combining timeless sensations such as nostalgia, curiosity, and courage in a way that is relatable to anyone with a pulse. ANWTLF is bringing back the sincerity and intensity that listeners didn’t even realize they were missing.  

How did A New Way To Live Forever come together? What steps did you take to get your music “out there”?

Russ Rogers, Steve Velez, and original guitarist Todd Evans started the band and released the first EP Avalanche in 2008. The band went on hiatus until resurrected by Russ in 2011. Steve was brought back in on bass and new members Phil Tucciarone and Daniel Dyer were added.

Social tools like Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook have been the most utilized in getting the music out to the fans.

What are the different roles in the band?

Russ Rogers – Vocals, Guitar

Phil Tucciarone – Drums

Steve Velez – Bass

Daniel Dyer – Guitar, Keys

How has your music evolved since you first began playing?

The songs have just become more earnest and catchy since we began. Our formula for delivering hooks is something we take seriously since hooks are what we enjoy the most in any music. Since 2011, Russ has undergone somewhat of a personal writing renaissance where he’s writing roughly a song per week. With such volume, his actual craft of writing has evolved 10-fold and the outcome of his expression is exactly what he hears in his head.

ANWTLF 2Is there a common theme that you are trying to portray through your music?

We strive for a positive message in our music. A sound and vision that lifts people up and motivates. Often there is no intended theme for a given song. The songs always start out with the music first and then the words come up and out of the feeling the song gives.

What’s the songwriting process? Is there someone that fills a lead role in this area?

Russ writes all the music and lyrics, but it’s only when the songs are brought to the band that they really take on a life of their own.

The song “Not This Time” brings the album into a different world of emotion. From whose experience was this song inspired?

Russ wrote not this time during a self-imposed 8 week (1 song per week) writing spree. It’s about meeting up with someone under salacious circumstances and then having the wherewithal not to repeat the mistake when in the same situation again.

The album Monument takes listeners through a journey of different feelings. How would you describe it?

It’s a stamp in time of where Russ was at in his head through 2014. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes down. A heavy focus on hooks was forefront in the creation of the album, as well as experimenting with more synth and organic sounds.

Do you have a drop date?

We are looking at fall 2015 if not Spring 2016. Recent opportunities have come to light that may push the release – but all for very positive reasons. We will be releasing “Fall or Follow” ourselves in September in advance of the full release of Monument.

Describe your recording process.

10372341_783638708333292_4082242472710869557_nRuss states, “Basically, I have the songs demoed out, so we know the tempo, length, etc. So we go into a local studio, Studio 13 with engineer Jeremy Staska (Nonpoint, New Found Glory) and record the drums. Then the bass gets laid down, then the guitars and vocals. We did the guitars at La La Mansion in Tampa with Peter Klett at the helm. I also can at any time fly in parts that I’ve done at home since everything is all lined up tempo/structure wise. I generally do a rough mix of all the parts at home, and then export everything for import at the studio for a final mix.”

Do you work with a producer? If so, what is that like?

Yes, this time around we are working with Peter Klett, from Candlebox. He has been awesome in bringing out the best in us and respecting our vision for the music.

How did you come up with the title for the album?

Daniel and Russ were sitting around talking about wanting a big word to represent this set of songs. Daniel said something like “Monument”, and that was it.

Are you working on any tours at the moment?

We are setting up things for Spring and Summer outings next year.

How did the appearance on PBS come about?  What was that like?

We had submitted to a show they were producing which has since gotten pulled. They followed us around for months and got all this footage for it. Another PBS show, The Loft, decided to feature us and use the footage. We had a great time and they were super nice and supportive of us.

What are you guys into when you’re not writing music?

It’s safe to say we are all pretty much tech-heads as well as musicians, so when not working on music, we’re manipulating one kind of device or another, programming, designing. For example, Daniel is a photographer and is always taking photos and editing them on his down time. Russ on the other hand is always doing music for the most part, even when not for the band. He’s had songs in movies and multimedia projects and is ALWAYS composing and writing.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know at this time?

We’d just like to ask people to keep their eyes and ears open for us, because we are not stopping any time soon.




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