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Interview With Daisy MacLean

16 April 2010 2 Comments

Marilyn Monroe. Betty Page. Sailor Mars. Jessica Simpson. Catwoman.

Five of the most sexually iconic women have been captured through Daisy MacLean’s role as director of Fidget’s “Vanity Magazine” music video. MacLean’s creativity twisted these five bombshells into the punk rock attitude that she loves.

Through her creativity, MacLean won a Telly Awards nomination. MacLean is still at the beginning of her career and views this nomination as a pat on the back and encouragement to continue with her dreams. These dreams were born after a day filled with introspection on a mountain top in France.

“I thought about how much I loved film making, about how, even on the worst days, when you’re shooting for 22 hours and it’s raining and cold, that was still better than anything to me,” MacLean said. “It’s my bread and butter.”

Fidgets- \”Vanity Magazine\” Music Video

MacLean began directing plays in high school, but made her first music video at her first year in Ryerson University for a class assignment. She shot in 16mm film with barely enough film to do each shot once.

“It was my first time I ever worked with a band and they went and got drunk while we were shooting the actress,” MacLean said. “So when it was their turn I had to keep telling the guitarist to stand up, he kept telling me ‘I am!” and I had to reply, ‘No actually, you’re not.”

In addition to a drunk band, MacLean’s cinematographer almost fell off the roof during one of the shots. Despite the disastrous parts, MacLean received an A+ on her assignment.

MacLean has an agent for commercials and music videos but is also currently working on her first two feature length films. The first is “Bought The T-Shirt,” a documentary about the relationship between punk music and politics and what that means today.

“I have tons of crazy ideas swimming around in my head that are just waiting for the right band to come along,” MacLean said. “But you do have to be respectful of the band and how they want to be portrayed.”

This particular music video for Fidget, a Canadian all-girls band, has a strong female vibe. The song, “Vanity Magazine” speaks about being on the cover of a magazine without telling the story behind the cover.

“To me, with those glossy girl magazines, the first thing I think about is the female image in society,” MacLean said. “So for me, a punk band would rebel at being molded into the stereotypical female ideal. There is a push in the music industry for women to fit a predetermined physique.”

Through this the idea to tell the story behind the magazine cover evolved, with the band members dressing as Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Catwoman, Sailor Mars, and Jessica Simpson as if they were being marketed. During the photo shoot they rebel and decide to be who they really are.

“It turns out, you don’t have to fit someone else’s image of who they think they should be to rock out with your fans!” MacLean said.

MacLean draws her inspiration from everything around her, and in this particular video, a lot about cultural theories on the female form. Without her team of cinematographer Stephen Whitehead, art director Maggy Monceaux, assistant director Rory Mule, costumer Chris Holdham, and co-producer Jessica Carter, MacLean could not have captured her vision as she did. She submitted the music video at Whitehead’s request.

“He’s very supportive of me as a director,” MacLean said. “I’m still at the beginning of my career and honestly, I’m just happy to be making my films and videos. I know it’s a cliché but I really am honored just to have our work nominated.”

Her parting words were advice to women out there trying to make it in any non-traditional job:

“Don’t wait for someone to come along and give you permission. You are who you already want to be, just keep doing what you’re doing and wait for the world to catch up with you.

Written by: Raewyn Smith



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