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Lost Chapter: Nothing Can Stand In Their Way

26 May 2011 No Comment

Straightforward and in your face metal with a little bit of melodic rock mixed in is what you get when listening to LOST CHAPTER who hails from a rural part of South East Ohio. I’m being more and more pleasantly surprised by these bands emerging from cities you’ve never heard about and having more talent and drive then ones that are based out of major cities like Los Angeles. I believe it’s partly because out here in Los Angeles, the key to a bands success is usually based on who you know, not what you do. It’s all the way around elsewhere.

LOST CHAPTER is a multifaceted band; you can’t quite put them under a certain genre, which is a rarity these days. However, not only are these guys musicians, they also take part in contributing to amazing organizations such as Music Saves Lives by donating 5,000 download cards for their song “Live Or Die”. As we all know, Music Saves Lives has been one of the biggest and best organizations anyone involved in the music industry could possibly contribute to.

Among some of LOST CHAPTERs’ achievements, they were the only unsigned Jagermeister Opener band on last years Mayhem Festival to be asked to open more then one date. They also opened at the 2009 Mayhem Festival tour date in Burgettstown, PA. They’ve been asked to open this years Mayhem Festival tour date in Burgettstown, PA once again. They are sponsored by InTune Guitar Picks, Jagermeister, have been featured on the Australian radio station 102.1 Triple R Radio and have their video for “Unspoken Glory” featured on our very own HollywoodMusicTV.

Keep an ear open and an attentive eye out for these guys in the years to come, they’ve only just begun the revolution.

Article By: Nadia Guardado

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