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Maria Brink of In This Moment interview

16 July 2010 5 Comments

In This Moment is a band that has everything going for it: The looks, the talent, and a whole a whole catalogue of badass melodic metal tunes with Maria Brink’s amazing signature vocal sound at the forefront of the whole show. In their five year history they have played with many of the big boys of metal and played all the big metal festivals including Ozzfest and currently the 2010 Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Their new Album A Star-Crossed Wasteland just came out and is shooting up the charts. I recently spoke with vocalist Maria Brink about the new album, the tours, and what it’s like to be a role model for her legion of fans.

HMM: We are exactly 7 hours from your new album being released, how do you feel about that right now?

Maria Brink: It’s pretty crazy, pretty scary and exciting at the same time.

HMM: Tell me about the new album A Star-Crossed Wasteland?

Maria Brink: I think the new album is our defining album. We’re an experimental band and everyone knows that about us. Some people hate us for it; some people love us for it. We write all kinds of heavy stuff and we write pretty piano stuff. We’re kind of all over the place but I think on this new album we found this perfect kind of formula sound where we figured out how to mix the really heavy with the really melodic in our own formula way. It doesn’t sound like anyone else, it sounds like us! I’m really excited about that. I’m proud of the new album and it’s my favorite album that we have done.

HMM: How did you find this formula for the new album?

Maria Brink: We’ve always written a lot of heavy stuff and a lot of melodic stuff. It was just a matter of finding our own way of combining everything in a way that made sense. We just did it.

HMM: What’s your favorite song on the album?

Maria Brink: I don’t necessarily have a favorite song right now because they are all brand new and they are all sort of my little babies that I am proud of. (Laughter) So I definitely love “The Promise”, I love “World In Flames”, I love “Standing Alone” but I really do genuinely love all of them right now.

HMM: The video for “The Gun Show” was recently released. What’s the scoop on the western theme for the video?

Maria Brink: Well the whole album is a metaphorical story I wrote about my personal experiences that are set in this post apocalyptic wasteland world where everything has died away and it’s kind of like the old world starting all over again. The last people who are left are looking for new life and new beginnings. The post apocalyptic desert wasteland makes me think about the old west. And that’s what that song is about: I’m talking in metaphor about the old west and kind of like a show down going on, a fight over honor. For me it’s about how it’s good to have self respect. It’s good to have something that you fight for and that you believe in. It’s good to be able to look someone in the eye and not be afraid to show what’s passionate about you and to let the other person know that you are willing to fight for that passion

HMM: The first Mayhem was just a couple of days ago. How did it go for you?

Maria Brink: It was amazing. We did 2 Mayhems so far and they are just epic. Huge crowds and so much energy and just thousands of people and it just feels so good. I feel so alive up there in front of those crowds and it’s just exciting. Ugh! I just want to launch out and fly over everybody! (Laughter.) It’s so rad! I just love it!

HMM: What’s it like being the only female performer on Mayhem this year?

Maria Brink: It’s so cool. We’ve toured with a lot of these bands so there’s this just a really cool backstage atmosphere. Everybody’s friends and we all watch the other bands play. There’s barbeques and parties. It’s just a really great atmosphere backstage. Everyone is getting along and is supporting each other and it just feels really really good.

HMM: What was it like winning the “Hottest Chick in Metal Award” at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards this past April?

Maria Brink: It was fun. It was a great time. We love Revolver and they have always been big supporters of our band. I think the “Hottest Chick in Metal Award” is a fun award. I think it’s light hearted. Obviously everyone knows that what a woman looks like can never define what her music sounds like or what the music is about. I like to say that the award is like pretty sprinkles on top of a frosted cupcake. (Laughter.) But what really matters is the yummy insides of the cupcake. (More laughter.)

HMM: You have become the inspiration for many female metal and punk vocalists lately. How do you work with that when it comes up?

Maria Brink: Yeah I get that so much. Even really deep stuff like people who are suicidal or really really depressed or going through a death or things like that and they say that we helped them. I think that’s one of the beautiful gifts involved in the music world is that we can touch somebody or help somebody with our lyrics and not even know that we are doing it. That’s something that is a really intense, extra, and beautiful part to it all. And actually for me, because I get so many suicide letters and all kinds of stuff from people, for me I am cautious when I write stuff because a lot of people say that they are really inspired by us and that our music takes them to a brighter place. So in the new album you can hear that it’s a lot darker and that there’s definitely sorrow and pain in it but I always like to keep a note of hope. So this new album is about a wasteland and loss and sorrow but it’s also about new hope and new beginnings and always feeling there’s a new day. Especially for myself and my own sanity and how I like to live my life I want to write songs that touch the fans hearts and let them know there’s hope. They are inspired by us, and we are inspired by them and that’s the beautiful part to the whole thing




  • Scotty2hotty said:

    Great interview Groovey…they are friends.

  • Groovey (author) said:

    Thanks Scotty! Maria was super cool to talk to,

  • Scotty2hotty said:

    Yes she is way cool, as is Chris and Kyle. Awesome man!!!

  • DjButterflyCuts said:

    Nicely done, Groovey ;)
    Cheers from Germany

  • Groovey (author) said:

    Thanks Tommy, Cheers!

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