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Maris the Great Interview

30 March 2020 No Comment

maristhegreatpromo2020 (2)We are beyond excited to hear you are returning to the land of the living! How is it going so far?

Well, it was going well until Hell decided to renege on their own rules. Allow me to explain.

The evocation necessary to raise a gay demon is to send him 666 pics of peen. While this is done easily enough now through the portal to hell you mortals call social media, it was not so in the ancient days. Back then, you had to draw 666 pictures of a penis in goats blood on papyrus and have it delivered by a mortal Chapar, who would also have to be sacrificed and killed, that he might descend into hell and the pictures be delivered. But now you can just send them online and long story shot, I got them, was released in demon form in your realm and was in the throes of preparing my return show when this virus thing happened. The corona virus has been sent by hell as an attempt to mess up my show, because they don’t want to lose me. This show is not just a…..show. It is actually called the “Gaytanic Ceremony of resERECTion” and it is how a demon can take his flesh back. No demon has ever succeeded in doing so. If this show gets cancelled, I lose my opportunity to get the flesh back. But hopefully, the power of peen prevails and my show will happen June 6th, Marquis Theater in Denver. And if it does, I will spend the summer killing rock and roll bands.

For anyone who doesn’t know (and SHAME ON THEM!) How did your majesty get started in the Rock N Roll scene?

As I recall it, I was in a Denver band back in the 80’s and 90’s called The Heterosexually Challenged. We were a dance band playing all the hottest gay bars at the time. The Metro, The Link, Mike’s at 1st and Broadway. One night I picked up a trick at one of our shows. He was a tall blonde leather daddy. He never said much. When we got to my place, I kind of thought he was a strong, silent type. Turned out he was a strong, silent, undead type! He fucked me so hard, my head went through the headboard of my bed. It was there I died. When I awoke, I was undead – although it probably took awhile for me to figure that out.. I stapled my split-opened head wound together with a staple gun. When I returned to my band at the next practice, i realized that dance music was no longer acceptable. I decided we should be a rock and roll band. And we should change our name to The Faggots of Death. After doing so, we ventured out and tried to book shows locally thus beginning our much deserved rise to the top! But wherever we went, there were other bands stealing the spotlight, other bands stealing the fans that rightfully should be ours! It was then that I decided I might want to level the playing field a little bit by killing all the competition! I lured these bands into my trap by posing as a rock and roll journalist. These groups thought I was interested in promoting their projects. By the time they found out the horrible truth, it was much too late! I put their final interviews, along with the bloody pictures of their demise on my website www.maristhegreat.com as a warning to all other bands. The ongoing killing spree began 20 years ago and was only interrupted by my decomposition and temporary decent into hell. But as I said before…hopefully everything will resume this summer.

What are some of your all-time favorite bands and who in the current crop are you enjoying?Maris 3

My favorite band of all time is Village People. As far as recent, Great American Ghost and Thank You Scientist. I’ve been listening to a lot of local Denver bands like It’s Always Sunny In Tijuana and In The Whale. They will be my first victims.

Have you ever murdered a band and they became undead as well and they try to murder you back for revenge?

Interesting question. All the bands I kill WOULD become undead, but only if I bit them in the act of murder. For that reason, many of my murders are in causing their deaths through other means, such as driving over them with a car and thus making them road kill cadavers. Sometimes I have sex with their dead remains. There is no chance of them resurrecting if my semen goes inside of them after death. However, it has happened that I’ve killed bands in a more traditional zombie manner and they have resurrected. But none have expressed a desire for revenge curiously enough. Maybe I should start looking over my shoulder.

Since you’re undead I would imagine you could resurrect at any time in history.  Why did you choose this current time period and not say Attila the Hun’s?

Hell has certain rules with that kind of stuff.  But I wanted to come back to this time period anyway, that I might pick up where I left off. The boys are cuter in this time period as well.

Now tell us about your band the Faggots of Death? Who are the members? How do you describe your sound?

Our sound could be described as Dad punk, if your Dad was gay and got bit by a zombie.  As with all bands, some members have came and went. Currently, I am lead vocalist, Faggoty Ann is on guitar, Twisted Fister is bassist, Dick Fil A is our drummer and a beautiful drag queen named Steak Diane is our lead guitarist.

Who writes the music? And what is the process for that?

My original guitarist Faggoria wrote the songs we have, after listening to my conversations. I would say things like “All the cutest boys are at Hardcore shows,” and “Get That wee wee!” which in both cases, became two of our more popular songs. After she wrote the main structure of the song, the whole band would add to it and make it become what it ultimately became

For your lyrics how do you layer them on the music? And how do you find the correct phrasing you need for maximum punch?

Beats me. I’m just a mass murderer. You’d have to talk to her. But she moved somewhere in your realm and is trying to become an actress. She wants to be in the industry. I just want to kill and have superior butt sex. But the band I have now are working on new songs with me. It’s very much a group effort.

What are some of the lyrical messages you are delivering?

Probably that the listener will die and that I want to have butt sex with them. That’s always a good source of inspiration for any song. I also need to write a song about my love of men with hairy butts. I want people out there to know that having a hairy ass is a thing of beauty. Don’t shave it for some meddling female mortal. Women ruin everything.

What are the latest songs you are written for the next album?

“Crossdressed To Kill,” “Big Dumb and Straight” and we are working on one called “Tranny with a Banjo.” It’s about an antifa, trans hooker that lives out in Portland. She makes videos of herself playing a…you guessed it, a banjo!

What is a Maris the Great and The Faggots of Death live show like?

I would say, Kiss meets Gwar meets Pansy Division. I need to kill those three bands so that they no longer are relevant and I can take credit for stealing their shows.

Maris 2The band Jacknife wrote a tribute song about you that has some killer riffs and punch. Were you involved at all? What are your thoughts on the song and the band? And have you ever thought of covering it?

It was the greatest honor! I was not involved in any way. They contacted me when it came out. But then they broke up so that they wouldn’t die. Smart band. But I never caught the lryics. They might be singing something like “Shut up, you stupid faggot” and I wouldn’t be the wiser. I never considered my band playing it. But now that you mentioned it, hmmm….

What are you most excited about for this 20th anniversary return run?

To kill as many bands as I can and to hook up with some of the gay for pay male mortals that might be in some of these bands. I just can’t wait to go back to being a serial killing groupie. If you’re reading this, tell me how much money you need for a hookup!

Maris the Great’s web site is not safe for anyone to view EVER! So here it is: https://maristhegreat.com/



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