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Murderdolls: Shock Rock Gods

25 April 2011 No Comment

Shock rock has never neither looked nor sounded as good. The Murderdolls rocked the stage and filled the Roxy to capacity once again on this gruesome Easter Sunday night. Never a dull show, they put on one hell of a set. Blaring out all the good songs like “Twist My Sister”, “Slit My Wrists”, “Dead In Hollywood” and “197666”, it always bring back memories of when I was 11 years old, attending my first concert at the Whisky and it was for a band I’d be listening to that whole month straight. The Murderdolls! I will never forget the retarded amount of excitement I had when Joey Jordison handed me his guitar pick at the end of that set. I still have it to this date.

Playing for well over an hour, the Murderdolls had the energy of the crowd at full rank the whole way through. Wednesday 13 has matured as a front man and the band seems the most solid it has ever been. It’s always interesting attending a Murderdolls show just because you try to count how many Slipknot shirts there are in comparison to how many Murderdolls ones there are.

Article & Photographs By: Nadia Guardado

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