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Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel interview

9 July 2010 No Comment

Named after Jack the Ripper’s old hunting grounds in London, Whitechapel the band has been exerting similar types of carnage upon their exponentially growing fan base. With a very successful stint on Mayhem last year and now on Warped this year the 6 piece deathcore machine just released their latest album A New Era of Corruption which opened at #43 on the Billboard charts. Their popularity is being fueled by the original sounds of their 3, yes three, guitarists working in sync like the blades of a threshing machine. Beyond heavy, beyond brutal, Whitechapel has found a way to tread new metal ground in a genre awash with imitators. Here is Hollywood Music Magazine’s interview with vocalist Phil Bozeman:

HMM: The new album just came out, what was your writing process for it?

Phil Bozeman: All the guitar players just write whether we have to record an album or not. They always have ideas ready for whatever occasion comes up. But the main album writing process was done on Mayhem last year. That’s when everything really started to kick into gear. We had material from even before then and stuff that we had written a long time ago that we never used and brought back and it was really tedious and a really long process but eventually we locked down everything and took it from there. We were happy with how we had everything structured so we took it into the studio and Jason Suecof made it a breeze for us.

HMM: What was it like working with Jason Suecof?

Phil Bozeman: He’s awesome. He kept our spirits high, he kept our morale high. We got done early. He was really quick with his work. We goofed off a lot but you kind of have to to keep yourself sane when you’re recording recording recording and that’s all you do all day. It would definitely be a pleasure to work with him again just because he has great ideas and everything and he’s just a nutty guy. He’s very fun to be around.

HMM: How do you find a balance in the studio with 3 guitarists and make it work so well?

Phil Bozeman: Every guitar player writes their own style of music and then we all fuse it together. We all just find a balance and we make it work between the 3 guitar players. We just find out how to make it work and we don’t settle for just anything. We don’t settle for less and we work out all our kinks. Even our drummer Kevin he’s a big part of the writing process and he writes his own drum parts and everything. We just all click honestly.

HMM: Where are you guys pulling your influences from?

Phil Bozeman: Me and Ben are more the death metal kind of guys like Cannibal Corpse and Bloodbath, Zack is too but he’s more into epic black metal and European metal, Norwegian black metal and he brings a lot of that influence, Alex has more of a hardcore background and that’s his influence.

HMM: The album name is New Era of Corruption. What’s the scoop on that?

Phil Bozeman: That was actually a line, a lyric, off of the song “Possession” and that was one of the more popular songs off of that CD. We kind of just tied that in because the lyric was, “Man will inspire the words of a new era of corruption.” Which sounds pretty cool as in like, “Man, we’re inspiring a new type of metal.” We’d like to be seen as the new era of metal. The new era of music. And just the way things are going in America ties into it too. Not every song is based around the album title but a couple of them are. It’s a play off of the last CD and it’s really fun to do it like that and have some sort of concept behind it. .

HMM: How is being on the Warped tour this year going to compare to being on Mayhem last year?

Phil Bozeman: It’s going to be a lot more hectic, a lot more bands, and just a lot more stuff going on. It’s basically a Mayhem on steroids with more punk rock than metal music. It’s definitely going to have similar things going on like signings and stuff like that and lots of people are going to be there. It’s going to be odd, really odd, but it’s going to be fun though. The first time I ever experienced Warped Tour I went to one like 10 years ago and it has definitely evolved and changed since then. It’s crazy to think I am going to be a part of the Warped Tour and be playing it for the full 2 months of the tour.

HMM: Do you have any shout out to your fans?

Phil Bozeman: Yeah man, keep coming out to the shows, keep supporting us, go buy the new album and come hang out with us at shows. We’re easy going dudes and we appreciate all the support all you guys have given us and hopefully we’ll see you at a show. Come hang out with us. We’re thankful for every fan that has ever supported us.


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