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Plethora Interview

26 October 2015 No Comment

Plethora_IMG_3286_Print(By  Mary Montgomery) You never know where the next metal monster will come from and if you ever guessed that Mississauga, Ontario, Canada was going to produce something as amazing as Plethora well I would bet you a moose that you were crazy.  But amazing they are and ready to take on the world with devastatingly well crafted songs and vocals Randy Blythe would be proud of.  Hit play on the video on the bottom of this page and prepare for flying face chunks while you read this fine interview with the mighty Plethora.

HMM: How did Plethora come together? 

Mike: Jordan and I have been working on making music for 10 years now. We first met in high school and over the years he has really been my best friend. Jordan has always been a great drummer. There were times where I had to fight to stay together because we grew up around some really good guitar players and bands that would have loved to have him as their drummer. Jordan and I ended up going to Metal Works Institute together for the performance and technology program with the intention of becoming better players and finding the rest of our band. That’s where we met Gary and Trevor and really learned a whole lot about music.

Plethora_IMG_3286_BW_PrintHHM: What Steps did you take to get your music “out there”?

Gary: We met a lot of people who helped us while we were in school for music, but I think it’s all about the live performance for us.

Mike: We got to play at a Slipknot after-party in Toronto where we gave our demo to Sid Wilson. Sid ended up giving the demo to Shawn Barusch of Music Gallery International, and we signed on to have Shawn as our manager. Getting our music “out there” is something we’re still working hard on, but that certainly felt like a step in the right direction.

HMM: What are the different roles in the band?

Mike: I really respect the guys in this band as musicians. I do my best to try and eliminate any “roles in the band” and just let the guys focus on the music. Everybody contributes with more than just their musicianship, but I have handled most of the bookings and meetings with promoters. Now that we’re working with MGI and really moving forward with our band, I’m sure all of our workloads will increase. I do this because I love it though; I love this work. Any time someone wants to interview us, or do something with our band, I am very happy to be involved. The music is the most important thing to us all and we all have an equal role in keeping that alive.

HMM: How has your music evolved since you first started playing?

Gary: We’ve all become better song writers even if that’s just realizing that a better song doesn’t necessarily mean making it more technical or adding more to it. Our musical evolution depends on several factors: growing older, getting smarter and being so broke we have no other choice but to get better being among some of them.

HMM: Is there a common theme you are trying to portray through your music?

Gary: Technology is far enough along to let us see most of the terrible stuff that’s going on around us, but hasn’t brought us close enough together where we should all help one another. We’re moving towards fixing these problems, or at least having an attitude where we want to fix them. We try to fight against hateful and greedy people. Any people who sees war, famine, greed and inequality, and genuinely want to do something, are people in the fight with us. I do believe we are going to see the fall of capitalism in our life; it’s a broken system.

HMM: What do you consider your greatest inspiration?

Mike: I’ve always really looked up to Metallica, Pantera and Ozzy. When I was about ten or eleven, I started listening to Slipknot, Children of Bodom and some really heavy shit. One of my greatest inspirations as a person is UFC champion Conor McGregor. I like seeing someone at the top of their game, no matter what their craft is, and Conor has a really great attitude and mind set. I’d prefer a life style and a mindset of a champion over most “rock stars”. I’m in this business because I want to be the best and I want to work towards something I believe in.

HMM: How do you describe your band?

Gary: Canada. We are Canadian metal.

Mike: I try to combine my favorite elements from different genres. I love the thought behind a good jazz solo. I love the structure and hooks within a pop song. Sometimes I want to hear really catchy metal. I just want to write a catchy tune about something real. We’re not really into sixteen minute tunes about space and shit. I never want us to limit ourselves, but at the moment I want to write great, heavy, catchy tunes.

HMM: What makes your band unique?

Mike: I’d say how different we are from each other musically. We’re not just four metal heads who only listen to death metal.

Gary: Canada.

HMM: Describe your recording process.Plethora_IMG_3252_Print2

Mike: We recorded eight songs in two days at Metal Works Studios with Kevin Dietz. We had everything written and well-rehearsed before we went in. We made click tracks in pro tools prior to going in the studio. We all had a click in our ear and a mix of our instruments and recorded together. It was a lot of fun; we are happy with the songs we recorded and how they sound.

HMM: How did you come up with the title of your album?

Mike: The name Plethora just feels right. This band has been a plethora of our lives. I like the album art as well. I think a title written across the top or bottom would take away from the art. To me, the album art has an effect on the music. When people hear this album, we want them to remember it as one of the best metal albums ever.

HMM: Are you working on any tours at the moment?

Mike: We’re definitely going to be hitting the road. It’s really just a matter of time and of getting on the right tour. As much as I love our country, it’s not the greatest place to book a tour. The US has a really good metal scene going on right now and we would love to get in that circuit. All we work for and look forward to is to tour. That’s all we dream about. To me, that’s the best job in the world: travelling and playing shows in front of big crowds. That’s what we live for.

HMM: What are you guys into when you’re not working on music?

Mike: We are all pretty focused on music all the time, but I do love a good NFL game or watching some UFC. The guitar is the best part of my life, though, and is the best discipline in my life. My favorite thing to do is play music with all the guys from Plethora.

HMM: Is there anything you would like your readers to know at this time?

Mike: Our goal as a band is to be the best. We want to write the best albums, play the biggest shows, and to make the most money. We are a band to watch out for and we’re ready and hungry for success.




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