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Pre-Mayhem Party in Denver

16 August 2010 One Comment

Denver, Colorado lives and breathes the Mayhem Fest like no other city.  We put the date on our calendars as soon as it’s announced and make a holiday out of that entire weekend.  This year Denver’s Mayhem was on July 18th and we made sure we brought the rain and the pain on good Ol’ Mayhems Eve.

The Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado was the host to the festivities known as the “Hollywood Music Presents: The Pre-Mayhem Party” where 6 of Colorado’s finest metal bands performed in celebration of the Rockstar Mayhem Fest the following day.  This event was so slammed into the red that Hollywood Music’s Jett Fox and crew came all the way from Kansas City to rule the evening in style.  “The Empress of All That is Awesome” (No really, I totally call her that and now you can too.)  Jett Fox brought 2 of her biggest guns out to Denver namely the always impressive Shelly Jenkins and the Midwest’s most kick ass Master of Ceremonies Chad Kuehn who ruled the mic and the Denver crowd with a metal fist.

The 6 metal bands that played that night were all hand picked to show off the Colorado metal scene’s shiniest stars and whether they were the younglings with a bright future or the local-nationals delivering their destruction up onto the crowd it was an evening of shred that kept the crowd in the full-tilt mosh.

First up was the teenage dream team of One Shot, One Kill who Chad Kuehn said should change their name to One Shot, Three Kills cuz they are just that badass.  Fronted by Katie Cushman who puts the “She” in “Shred” this band will be one to keep your eye on for that future national launch.

Blindfold The Devil was in the second slot.  These guys have a brand new album coming out soon and are already plugged into the big national music “machine” and are basically playing catch up with their own successes.  Their stage presence and song writing both look and feel like a band that has a few hundred thousand miles under their tour bus wheels already.  The Pre-Mayhem crowd loved these guys.

Next up was the awesome female fronted melodic metal band Devil Got Five.  They brought a huge crowd and rocked the Gothic with their power and sing alongs unlike any other band of the evening.  If you dig the melodic metal scene these guys are for you.

——–+Iamtheshotgun+——–  The point I am trying to make here is this:  Iamtheshotgun will absolutely and undoubtedly grab the metal world by the short and curlies and throw it unmercifully into oncoming traffic someday soon.  Even the Jett Fox crew, who are all seasoned veterans of the music world, watched Iamtheshotgun’s set with “Are you Serious?” and “Somebody call somebody!” looks.  IATS fans showed off their wicked pit skills with brutal moshing and the band just fed them insanity until the last note of the last song.  I would put IATS up against Black Dahlia Murder or Job For a Cowboy any day of the week.

Kill Syndicate was the perfect band to watch to get psyched for Mayhem Fest the next day.  Their stage show has a runaway chainsaw energy that gets the entire crowd mixed up in that wonderful grinder that is the circle pit.  Full on merciless metalcore with no quarter or safety to be found: This is a Kill Syndicate show.  It was a very large crowd that night at the Gothic and Chad Kuehn whipped everyone into a frenzy when he started chanting “Kill, Kill, Kill” before the band took the stage.  It was complete insanity after that.  If you have never experienced Kill Syndicate live check them out the next time they are on tour.  They are truly dangerous.

The headliners of Hollywood Music’s Pre-Mayhem in Denver were the sonic head wound that is Me Against Sunrise.  It was their CD release show and they brought every single bit of voltage they could humanly muster onto that stage.  I’m pretty sure that those people in attendance with any sort of sanity left feared for Me Against Sunrise’s physical well being that night.  It was awesome!

Overall, Hollywood Music’s Pre Mayhem show in Denver was a great success.  Next year you just might want to join in the Mayhem madness here in Denver.  It’s way metally good times.


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  • Rev said:

    That was a killer show, Kill kicked some major face ripping ass, and groovey of course rules his mic!

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