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Public Display of Aggression Interview

4 April 2016 No Comment

SONY DSC(By Sharkparty) The monsters of mile high metal Public Display of Aggression have crushed their scene and are now ready to reach out to the rest of the world and punch it in the face.  Here’s some interview hilarity from your next favorite mosh machines Public Display of Aggression.

What in the HELL is “Business Metal”?  

We are the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We point a spotlight at the atrocities that hide in business suits. We will offend every moral you can muster, while looking better than you as we do it wearing the guise of Guy Fawkes.

How do you feel being from Denver has helped or hurt the band in getting noticed? 

Denver is an amazing city with one of the largest musical scenes in the states. We’ve had the chance to play with some amazing local bands. However, because so many bands originated in Colorado have made it big, we ourselves have to stand out even more. Like a big fish in a much bigger pond. Thankfully we have also had the support of our amazing fans to get us into the biggest venues in Denver as support for the largest national acts.

How does being a group of assassin’s affect PDA’s music?

Well, for one, it’s hard to keep everyone alive.

What was the biggest highlight of 2015 for the band?

We had one of our best years in 2015. Finished our album, some new amazing artwork for merch and our cd. But the one single thing that comes to all of our minds was our tour in October with the headlining band Element A440.

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do with the money?  The last thing?  DETAILS!

Firstly, a monkey butler/body guard who has also been trained in sword fighting.

Lastly, paying the lawyer fees once the monkey nearly kills multiple innocent bystanders.

What are the details of your tour van going off a cliff? What effects did that have on the band?

The one thing we will say is, safety is more important than deadlines.

Ninja stars, katana, or nun-chucks? Why?

Katana, because the squirrels here are out of control.

Most annoying thing people in other bands do when playing the same venue/club.

Leave.  Our biggest pet peeve is when other bands show up late and/or leave after their set. We’re all here to play music together and share fans, but your fans aren’t going to give a damn if the band they’re there to see won’t even stay for the other bands.

What band really just sucks and needs to disappear forever?

We don’t feel that there is any one band that “sucks”. We are upset over the fad of record labels hiring writers to write all the “popular” music instead of letting true musicians compose their own unique art.

Favorite trading card game while growing up as a kid? If it wasn’t Pokémon then fuck you.

Not gonna lie, totally Pokémon.

What is one thing about the band’s style that shows off your uniqueness and individuality?

Musicality, we all hail from entirely unique backgrounds and influences. We all share similarities, but almost none of us have the same “favorite”.

SONY DSCStylistically, as listed above, we’re gonna look damn good on stage. 

But tying the whole package together is our “Business” theme and attitude. Our anti-creed, preaching the atrocities that so many overlook, and the few “elite” that work to hide it from us.

What’s the craziest natural disaster any of you have experienced? Earthquake, hurricane, tornado etc…

Rage once saw a tornado pull a two story tall tree out of his front yard, literally twenty feet from where we was standing.

Worst way you could die?  Best way? DETAILS!

James Aggression= Being buried alive.

Rage= Suffocating in the vacuum of space

Dashing Kenny Daggers= Burning to death.

Tommy Mayhem= Drowning

 Best way to die? 

  1. Super glue your hands to your head and then hang yourself with razor wire so it looks like you tore your own head off.
  2. Cover yourself in Christmas lights and hang yourself over a pile of presents.

 What’s the groups next project of mayhem the public can expect in 2016?

Our next big thing will be a music video coming out very soon. But this will be the year we start touring like crazy.

Do you fuck around?

No. ;(






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