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SKYFOX’s Twilight CD

21 September 2010 12 Comments

Denver, Colorado’s SKYFOX is the Centennial State’s premiere pop-punk band with a numerous string of sold out shows over the last couple of years to prove it. Their latest 5 song EP Twilight was snagged up by Jaret Reddick’s (of Bowling for Soup fame) label Crappy Records and SKYFOX just landed a very serious distribution deal with Hot Topic. If you are into the pop-punk scene then you are most definitely going to enjoy this new EP of theirs. The Twilight EP is a very solid piece of pop rockin’ punkiness and my 2 fave songs are Punk Rawk Gentleman and Twilight. Rather than me blathering on for several hundred words about why you should check out this CD I decided it would be way more fun to get some insight from Johnny Hill who is SKYFOX’s lead vocalist, guitar player, and main song writer on where the songs came from.

Heeeere’s Johnny (Sorry, I just had to do that.):

Run Away

“Run Away” is a song about new beginnings. I wrote it shortly after taking a best friend to rehab. He is one of the most charismatic and talented people I know, but he had gotten himself so deeply involved in the Colorado meth scene that there really wasn’t much point in going on. I remember he used to draw while he was high, and his pictures gave haunting insight into the darkness that surrounded his life. He had hits put out on him, cops were constantly searching for him, and the detailed drawings of the demons he swore were following him around were terrifying. It got so bad that he needed to just disappear. So one day his mom and I put him on a plane to California to go to rehab, and he has been clean for about four years now. I’m stoked for him! I could write an entire book full of stories about the process he went through to get to where he is today, but I’ll just leave that for him to do someday.


“Twilight” is a song about being young, in love, and trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing! If you’ve ever been in a relationship for long enough, you know that it’s only a matter of time before the whole marriage issue pops up. More or less, it was me, God, and vodka hanging out in my garage at three o’clock in the morning trying to figure out the answer to all of these questions that spawned the song Twilight. I arrived at the conclusion that if I just do what feels right in my heart with as much honesty and sincerity as possible, everything will probably work out alright. If not, I suppose I could always switch teams and end up with either Edward or Jacob, whichever one of those sex biscuits doesn’t end up with Bella, ‘cuz that’s how I roll bitches!

Worst Part of Me

Ever been in a relationship where you were constantly dragged down by your “better-half”? Well, it’s time for an amputation, and “Worst Part of Me” is the anthem for just such a situation! Hey, I rhymed! ‘nuff said…

Punk Rawk Gentleman

More or less, “Punk Rawk Gentleman” was written to connect with the feeling most of us have on the inside to stand up for the weak and to defend what we believe in, double-especially if it means flipping society the bird! ‘Cuz who wants to conform, y’know?


“Church”, the first song I ever wrote, found its home on the Twilight EP as the closing track of the record. I grew up a pastor’s kid (or PK to the insiders), and was constantly forced from one religious situation to another. I’ve slept through more church services, meetings, and religious school classes than a priest can shake a stick at. When I got bored of counting ceiling tiles, writing my own words to the songs, or seeing how long I could hold my breath before passing out (about 2.5 mins :-), I started to notice that maybe church life wasn’t so different from normal life after all! “Church people” were conducting their lives in a very similar way to the rest of us! The only difference was that they put on a huge show to pretend they didn’t, and they judged us for living like them! So I wrote the song “Church” as a nifty little parody of what I experienced.

Pics by Chris Garrison




  • johnny said:

    Stoked on this!!

  • kmm804 said:

    This is band is awesome to go see live too – they can actually sing live, no sequencing or back tracks..totally worth getting this EP and getting these boys out into the nation
    the music is comedic, fun and stays in your head for ages..
    plus they’re cute too..
    Now go get it NOW

    if you dont have it in local stores or belong to itunes
    AMAZON.com have it in digital and hard copy


    you wont regret this purchase EVER

    Love you guys x


  • Braden said:

    SOOOOO SICK!!! Go Bobbi!!

  • stuntcoach76 said:

    These guys are awesome! Love me some Runaway!

  • 73runner said:

    I LOVE “Worst Part of Me!” Best song ever.

  • Lucky13 said:

    Awesome article! You guys deserve the recognition! I love the songs on the EP and the new pictures. I can’t wait to hear some new material :)

  • johnny said:

    i think groovey is a sexy beast… who will second this?!

  • Steve said:

    I second it.. His Goat is pretty cool also.

  • Groovey (author) said:

    hahahhaha! Now can I get at least one hot chick on this planet to third it!

  • deyanna said:

    i’m so sick of all the whiney bands that take them selves way too seriously… it’s nice to have a band in Denver that’s full of honest-to-goodness FUN! thanks guys! :)

  • matters44 said:

    Thanks a ton Hollywood Music Mag! I need new underwear!

  • Joani said:

    Awesome article! Great to see Denver’s best band get the recognition they deserve! You, my friends, are SO on your way!

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