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Sylpheed: Italy’s Finest

14 December 2010 No Comment

Italian metal has never sounded so good until now. ‘Sylpheed’ is one of those rare and hard to come by bands that are fronted by a woman that has immense talent and has found her style. Moody music with an injection of passion makes up Sylpheed’s unique sound. The right guitar riffs and solos carry on the vibe of the song. Stimulating the senses all at once.

I see this too often, a band with talent that isn’t in the right place at the right time. Being in the United States definitely has it’s advantages when it comes to music. Sylpheed has what it takes, in my opinion to make it somewhere. Which is why I’m calling on our HollywoodMusicMagazine.com readers to head on over to MySpace.com/SylpheedMusic and take a listen to their material. Spread the name and see what happens!

Article By: Nadia Guardado

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