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The Midnight Marionettes Interview

11 April 2016 No Comment

TMM(By Sharkparty) The goth-rock scene just got a very fine addition in Denver’s hot new band The Midnight Marionettes.  Fronted by the dynamic Starla Night with a literal super group band backing her The Midnight Marionettes are going to make a serious dent in your rockin’ out itinerary.

So you guys just formed around November of last year. What were a few struggles when first forming the band?

Starla left her last band and was searching Denver for some band mates that would be on board to create a dark and haunting goth rock sound.  It is always a challenge to find the right mix of people who have the same vision, work ethic, and chill affect.  Shawn Barusch (the band’s manager) introduced Starla to Mikey Klein.  Mikey and Starla hit it off right away and immediately began writing songs together in Mikey’s studio in North Denver.  Mikey and Starla reached out to many of their musically inclined friends and found Zane who is an amazing guitar player and the jokester of the band.  Soon after, Justin came along to bust out the bass lines.  We are still searching for a keyboard player, but we know he is out there. 

Who came up with the band’s name, The Midnight Marionettes? Is there a deeper meaning behind the bands name?

Mikey and Starla brainstormed for a long time on what the band name should be.  It was almost looking like they were going to name the band Nom de Plume, but it just didn’t feel like it worked.  Mikey thought of the name the Magical Puppets one night, and the two presented this name to their manager Shawn.  Shawn told Starla about the Marionettes in Prague that come alive at midnight during certain times of the year, and the band name was born.  The Midnight Marionettes are a play on this historical event in Prague and an allegory to the idea that we are all puppets to different things in our lives, but we can wake up if we want to.  It is the awakening that is frightening to people, both literally and figuratively and that is the frightening message we seek to dissect.  Furthermore, the process of the masses waking up is especially scary to the elite in this world who perceive themselves as the pullers of the marionette strings.  What if we all suddenly woke up and untied the strings?

Biggest thing the group hopes to accomplish in 2016?

We hope to go on a international tour with bands like Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Skinny Puppy, or Attrition.  This Spring we will be working with Ginger Fish to produce our EP.  Once we have a world class quality EP, we hope to shop this around to record companies like Metropolis in order to put out our first album.  

When’s the best time for a beer?

After getting off the stage from an awesome show!

What is the bands biggest inspiration and how does that play into your music?

Bands like Switchblade Symphony and Siouxsie and The Banshees are major influences on Starla’s vocal style and have been since she was a teenager.  Beyond that, we are creating our own sound based on minor chords, synthesized darkness, and an homage to the gothic industrial collective consciousness.  

Any upcoming shows fans can plan on coming to? 

We are currently finishing up our studio work and look forward to some great shows this summer.

If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do with the money?  The last thing?  DETAILS!

We would buy an amazing tour bus, put out a couple of albums with the best in the industry, tour all the time, put on secret free shows for our fans, give money to the homeless and other charities, and be rock-stars for the rest of our lives.  Starla wants to add that she would also start a tiny home commune for all of her friends and have gardens and animals.  

What is the bigger message you are trying to share through your music?

The theme of our first album is the complexity of the human heart.  So many complexities are held in a lifetime within our hearts.  Walt Whitman called this, “the geography map of the human heart” in his poem “Out from Behind this Mask”.  The message is that there are so many layers to what we feel and experience.  So many bands have gone the route of being politically charged since the election of Bush Jr. and the wars in the middle East.  Not to say that the political and humanitarian issues are not also important, but we wanted to bring it back to center.  Focus on the self before looking outward.  This is not to say that we will not focus on political or societal issues in our songs in the future, but again we wanted to look inward first.  The exploration of self and the connection that “self” has to others and the unseen can never be fully charted territory.  It has been an interesting journey to realize this thematic message in our new songs.

What are some of The Midnight Marionettes favorite past times?

We mostly hang out at Mikey’s studio and write, practice, and joke around.  We all enjoy going to shows, dancing at goth nights in Denver, and general merriment.   

What is a dream venue you hope The Midnight Marionettes get to play?

We are super lucky to live in Colorado, because our dream venue, Red Rocks, is in our own backyard.  We hope to headline a show there one day in the near future.

Who do you aim to please?

Ourselves.  If you’re not happy writing music in your basement, even if no one will ever hear it, then you’re never going to be happy writing music.  The only reason to do something that you invest your life, soul, and free time in is because you love it holistically for what it is.

Peace or freedom? (You can’t have both.)Why?

All we are saying is give peace a chance and through peace we will all know inner freedom.  

What do you geek out to besides your music? Please geek out on your geekiness.

We are all very geeky. Obviously, we’re  super music geeks, but if you really want to know – here is a list of our other geeky credentials. Zane is on team USA and nationally ranked in table tennis.  He doesn’t know why, but God just gave him the gift of table tennis.  Justin is a Science geek.  He is constantly reading and analyzing new science research.  Mikey geeks out on all things music.  He is constantly learning new methods for producing, programming and recording; as well as being a multi-instrumentalist genius.  Starla is a total literature, philosophy, and horror geek.  She is obsessed with old school horror movies, The Walking Dead, vampires, zombies, apocalyptic themes, Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, and Walt Whitmanesque poets.

What’s the one thing about you that you want the fans to know?

We appreciate every one of our friends and fans, and we want you to know that we are always working hard to put on quality shows and put out high quality dark and philosophic music for you to enjoy.  Music is a communal experience.  It is meant to be made, put out into the universe and enjoyed.  The enjoyment of our fans comes back full circle to us and inspires us to create new scary soundscapes that come from the bottom of our black little souls. 



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