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The Naked and Famous Sell Out the Ogden Theatre

10 May 2012 No Comment

(By Brandy Cordova) New Zealand‘s The Naked and Famous are on their first headlining tour of the U.S., in support of their debut full-length album Passive Me, Aggressive You. With two years of touring and promoting the album, they are now a fixture on many radio stations. They performed at the Ogden Theatre in Denver Wednesday, April 18, 2012, to a sold out, packed house.

There has not been a band in quite a while that has drawn me to them with such intensity as The Naked and Famous have. I will admit, I felt like an ecstatic and twittered high school girl before their concert, like it was the first concert I was going too! I had been amped up for the show the minute I heard about it. I even took the night off from work to get ready and get there early!

Indie-rock band Now, Now (slated as the first act on the bill) was unable to perform, so the show began a half hour late with an extended opening set by Vacationer. The Naked and Famous took the stage a little after 9:45 p.m., and played an hour-long set with very little talk in between songs, except to thank the crowd for their enthusiasm.

The show basically consisted of the band performing its debut, Passive Me, Aggressive You, in its entirety, with “Bells” and “Dadada” mixed in between. Their ability to do a heavier, louder song followed with a quieter one seamlessly is impressive and exciting to listen too. The lights and background images flooded the eyes beautifully with the melodic melodies and vocals of Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers.

The crowd, consisting of quite a few couples; to which I almost felt left out seeing as I was not there with a date, was more relaxed than what I would have imagined. The enthusiasm was lacking. It may have been due to the fact it was a Wednesday night, or that they are still getting familiar to the 80s influenced, edgy yet danceable synth-pop sounds of The Naked and Famous.

I must admit I was more than enthused and found myself singing along to the songs and realizing that many around me did not know the words! That surprised me, since it was a sold out show. It may have been that I was up in the bar section, and most up there had had quite a few drinks in their system.

As each song played, I was kept in wonder about what song would be next. By the time they played “Dadada” and I had not heard “Young Blood”, I had the feeling that that would be their last song. Low and behold, it was. The minute the all-too-familiar melody began, the crowd exploded into jeers, whistles and clapping. I do have to say, that ending with that song left me wanting more. Unfortunately that was not the case. I will just have to wait until they come back to Denver, and I will advise all to check them out!

Set list:

All Of This | Punching in a Dream | Spank | The Sun | The Source | Bells | Frayed | Eyes | No Way | Jilted Lovers | The Ends | A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing | Girls Like You | Dadada | Young Blood |


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