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Warped Tour 2010

15 July 2010 2 Comments

It’s midway through July, and The Van’s Warped Tour 2010 is in the full swing of rocking out across the country. This year, the tour began in Carson, Ca with enough energy and excitement among the bands and fans alike.

Like the crowds, some fans have been to countless Warped Tours while others were fresh off their shiny new tour busses. Either way, everyone seemed to rock the Home Depot Center, making it a Warped Tour I definitely will always remember.

Perhaps this is because this was the first year I got to stand with my press badge backstage or literally two feet from artists that I’ve idolized since I was a preteen in love with Deryck Whibley from Sum 41 and Tyson Ritter from The All-American Rejects.

As it happens at most Warped Tours, it was impossible to catch every band at every stage, but among my friends we saw a majority of the shows with our wide array of music. I had to see a lot of the pop-punk and indy-rock stuff, whereas Hollywood Music TV host Mercedes, spent the majority of her time at the Punk Stage.

None of the bands put on a bad show and the excitement backstage was almost as thick as the excitement I saw on numerous preteen’s faces as they stared up at their favorite band attempting to sing (or scream) along.

The atmosphere was thick with new beginnings and new friendships as each band I interviewed agreed that their favorite part of warped tour was reuniting with friends in other bands, traveling on the open road, and being able to play for such awesome crowds.

“Today it was kind of crazy. On the ‘08 tour we had a good crowd, but today we go on stage and there’s a sea of people. It just keeps getting better.” Mike Fuentes, drummer of Pierce the Veil, said.

Of course, the crowd was there to see their intense performance including being announced by someone dressed up in a Dia de Los Muertos costume, whose identity will never be revealed, according to the band. Playing plenty of new songs off of their new record released at the end of June, the band got the crowd jumpin’.

Vic Fuentes, vocals and guitar, played on an array of bright custom made guitars, while Jaime Preciado wow-ed the crowd with his energy.

“I’m really super hyperactive so playing on the stage is like a release for me. It’s like a sort of drug for me,” Preciado, bassist, said.

Pierce the Veil wasn’t the only band I saw with energy abound. As the closing band, Tyson Ritter from the All-American Rejects worked the stage, leaving the crowds wanting more. Cassadee Pope, singer of Hey Monday, danced around the stage with enthusiasm as they played songs off their new album, out August 17. They also surprised the crowd with a cover of a currently popular pop song.

Pope didn’t seem to mind being one of the only female artists on tour.

“There are some obstacles you have to go to, but I’m in a band. I’m not a solo artist, I have friends with me all the time. They just happen to be dudes but they help me get through whatever tough times there are. Usually it’s just fun and games,” Pope said.

At any rate, the Hey Monday crowd loved the show and I quickly moved on to catch as much as I could of Mayday Parade. I first met members of Mayday Parade at Warped Tour 2006 as they handed out albums for five bucks as they followed the tour, trying to get fans.

Through this relentless act, which many bands frequently do, and through their MySpace Mayday Parade signed onto Fearless Records. The crowd surrounding them at the Ernie Ball Stage was full of dancing (and screaming) girls beyond giddy.

Aside from rockin’ out, Mayday Parade spent their day doing a signing, trying to catch as many of the bands shows as they could, and attempting to get food.

“Eating food on Warped Tour is an art,” the band said, due to the long lines for catering at peak times. Luckily, there’s BBQs for the amazing bands most nights!

While waiting to interview Mayday Parade, I ran into Far From Finished, a band I had not ever listened to but was happy to talk to me about everything from shoplifting a pair of yellow sunglasses to their excitement to be on tour.

It’s the random things like these that make Warped Tour a concert that I attend at least once a year. Coupled with Oompa Loompas (I’m serious, they were there) and concert go-ers dressed like Ninja Turtles (I’m pretty sure they were melting in those suits), this year’s tour couldn’t have started with a sillier bang.

To check out the bands websites, hit up www.warpedtour.com and don’t forget to get your tickets for the other Southern California tour dates in August – San Diego on Aug 10, and Pomona on Aug 11. Who knows what those shows will bring, aside from plenty of heat.

Written by: Raewyn Smith


  • Scotty2hotty said:

    Great job Raewyn…and I was there with you so I know it is all the troof!!

  • Raewyn (author) said:

    Haha thanks Scott <3

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