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Watch Them Fly Interview

5 July 2016 No Comment

Watch Them Fly are gaining so much momentum they are going ballistic in the Minneapolis music scene and are taking off into the stratosphere. This 4 piece has serious talent, delivering intense breakdowns and heavy melodies. Make sure to checkout the group’s facebook and twitter for updates of upcoming shows, tours, and music.


Q) What inspired the name “Watch Them Fly”?

We wanted to create something that gave people hope. As well as show a way to turn negative emotions into something positive and productive.

Q) What’s one of the hardest parts about touring?

Livin off of pb&j, Bologna sandwiches and each other.

Q) Do any members of the group have any weird hobbies or interests?

Nick loves to weld, Corey loves dungeons and dragons, Paul loves disc golf and Austin loves to make guns and drink whiskey.

Q) What Project is Watch Them Fly currently working on?

We are currently waiting to release our upcoming Ep  “The Veil” and our working on our full length album.

Q) Where is the best place for fans to keep up with new music and what the group is up to?

We our on Twitter @realWTF  FB.com/WatchThemFly  YouTube Itunes Amazon and Spotify.

Q) Has the message of the group changed at all from when Watch Them Fly first started writing songs?

Absolutely not and never will.

Q) How would Watch Them Fly describe the music scene in Minneapolis?

Primarily a breading ground for upcoming artists in EDM, metal,  hip hop, and Indie/Folk genres

Q) Where could we expect Watch Them Fly to be grubbing out in Minneapolis? Anywhere unique to the city?

We love the Butcher and the Boar , which is a unique BBQ and Bourbon spot.  Another favorite is the Four Bells which a great seafood , fried chicken,  and bourbon bar.

Q) The band released single “The Veil” back in February earlier this year. When will your next EP be released?

We will be releasing “The Veil” Ep mid-late summer. Accompanied by a new music video. We will be releasing a date soon on our twitter and fb.

Q) Where does the band want to be by the end of 2016?

Playing as many shows as possible and releasing our debut full length.

Q) Where can fans come and see Watch Them Fly perform next?

We are currently waiting to figure our next tour and sows which we will also announce this summer.



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