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Anoxide Interview

1 July 2019 No Comment

AnoxideAnoxide plays some seriously devastating death metal out of London, England.  The brutal five piece write and perform some of the most technical face shredding tunes we have heard in a while. If brutality is your thing then  Anoxide is your band.

Why/When did everyone personally start playing music?

Alex and Michael started playing early teens, 13/14 something like that. The reason for starting was that once you get heavily into music simply listening to it is no longer enough. You look at the musician to admire and think, I want to be in that position.

When Micheal and Callum first started Anoxide, what were your plans for the band?

To be rock stars. And by that we mean the lifestyle, couldn’t give a shit about the music, we just want sex, drugs and money. Hence why we chose to play death metal.

What is an Anoxide?

A made up word. We came up with it because we were wanting to call the band ‘Anoxia’ but thought ‘Anoxide’ sounded better. Anoxia means, “an absence or deficiency of oxygen” so you can kind of see the vibe we were going with.

What does your writing process look like?

Alex does majority of the writing on the instrumental front. He will then program some drum ideas and send them to Michael who will then put his own spin and variation on them….or sometimes completely ignore the original idea and do his own thing. The programmed drums are mainly there to give the others some context and a feel for the song. Simply sending over guitar tracks with no drums will sound very bare and won’t give the rest of the band a particularly good indication of the vibe of the given song. Bass wise James will obviously follow the rhythm guitars majority of the time but likes to throw sweeps when “appropriate”. Leads and solos Callum and Alex just write their own and as long as they don’t sound shit no one really complains or says anything about them. In terms of vocals Ben writes most of the lyrics. The original lyrics ideas and message is all his, Alex helps him out with fitting everything together and structuring them, then they will both sit down and work out how they will all fit to the music. Finally after all this work we get in the studio and our producer Jack tells us to change it…..happy days.

What do you enjoy most about writing music and what is the hardest part of writing music as a band? How do you overcome this?

Anoxide LogoThe creative freedom is probably the best part. The feeling of when you write something, listen back and think, “yeah, that’s sick”. Writing music gives you a great sense of belonging as well, feeling like you’re part of something and striving towards a goal will always give you a purpose in life. On a less serious note, it’s fucking fun. Honestly we’ve never really found writing music as a band overly difficult, we’re all very much on the same wave length when it comes to what we’re trying to achieve and music we’re aiming to create. The business side of the band is definitely where we have more disagreements and we overcome this by simply beating the crap out of each other, both physically, verbally and emotionally. It’s basically WWE, except we use real chairs.

If you could re-work any film soundtrack, what film would it be and what would you do differently?

Harry Potter, because Harry Potter is shit. We would hit the delete button and erase the entire film.

How have the people in your life responded to the progression of your band?

Everyone has all been extremely supportive and encouraging. Majority of our friends are really into music and metal so obviously they would be but thankfully all of are on board.

How did your families respond when you first started your band?

We kind of answered that question above, but to reiterate, they were all extremely supportive and hope it works out as a long term career for us.

What is your biggest goal for the band?

If we could be Guns N’ Roses in the early nineties then we’ll feel like we definitely gave it a good shot and personally achieved.

Has anything happened that has made you not want to continue with music? Anything that had made you want to continue more than ever?

Nothing has made us want to stop. As far as wanting to continue, simply the progression of the band has made us want to continue. We feel our playing/ writing/ performing etc is continuously improving and only makes us want to push ourselves further.

What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in music?

Stick with it, you’ll suck at first but persevere as you’ll get there eventually and once you do, if you’re passionate about music it’ll be one of the most rewarding feelings. The amount of friends who I’ve tried to teach guitar and after a couple months they say, “ahh, I just wasn’t quite clicking with it so stopped”. You’ll suck for ages, but if you stick at it, you’ll eventually get it, all depends if you’re will to put the hours in.

What is the most unlikely cover of a song you would like to perform?

Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I Need A Hero’ would be an absolute banger to cover. We wouldn’t metal it up or anything, just full on cover. It kind of has blast beats so we’re halfway there already. Would kill live, stick it in there as a wildcard and watch half the crowd love it and the other half walk out. Any excuse to get the hairspray out.

61354996_677344676058895_7859364988572401664_n (1)What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?

For the remainder of 2019 we have a number of shows/ small tours lined up, most notably we’re opening for Deicide in London 12th August. Apart from those, our main focus is finishing the recording and releasing of our debut album. We’re halfway through the recording process at the moment, so finishing that off is the priority.

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