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Chastity Ashley

1 May 2013 One Comment

(Written by: Raewyn Smith, Cover Photo by: Von Jackson, Make up by: Heidi Giselle Partida, Hair by: Queens Boone, Wardrobe by: Mario Martin & Lizeth Vaca)

May-Cover-2013-SMQuirky dancing music with a beat (but not that much techno bass) really gets my blood pumping and my awkward dance moves shaking. Early in the morning, on the way to work, this is how I like to start my day. I like to get excited.

Beauty in the Breakdown’s “Around the World” has that blood pumping, lovemaking, dancing queen feeling that I love. Chastity Ashley, percussionist, and Ian Alexander, guitarist, make up this American Pop Duo that’s got all of the feelings of Gwen Stefani and Ellie Goulding with a little of Imagine Dragons thrown in. The single came out March 11 and the duo have been hard at work in the studio recording their EP after Chastity returned from touring with Duran Duran.

I was able to interview Chastity on their single “Around the World” and upcoming EP, out in the next few months.

Chas silver solo 3When did you fall in love with making music? Chastity- I would have to say as soon as I heard music. My parents were huge music fans; it was their life so it became mine. I just remember how amazing it made me feel and how I just wanted to dance and sing for hours on end. They took me to my first concert when I was only 2 years old -it was Tom Petty. But the hook and sinker was after I performed drums for the first time. I had been practicing and practicing and it was a major pain because it’s so repetitive and you’re basically playing for yourself. After all that though, when I was able to finally be in front of my first audience at 12 and I felt the energy from the crowd, I knew right then that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

What is your favorite musical memory? Chastity – Playing Madison Square Garden with Duran Duran.

When does the album come out and what is it named? We will have a full EP out within the next couple of months which is yet to be named. We are really excited about it as you can imagine. This waiting is testing our patience..tehe!

u_n_VHf-QzoNQGEbxCKDa_c0KYEg4VqIwXSmd9zUaYYWhat part of this album speaks the loudest to you? There are many because the subject matters we wrote about on this EP are very specific and personal to us. We really made a point to write songs about our own personal experiences in detail which ranges from immense pain to pure happiness. Therefore, speaking from me I feel quite vulnerable about it because it’s so personal.

What is the best part of the process? Chastity – Best part of the process for me is writing lyrics that mean something to me personally and getting submersed in that and then getting to actually record it in the studio. Just the other day while recording one of our new tracks I became rather emotional over the song I was singing because of what it meant to me. As sad as it felt, it actually felt like a great release at the same time and I absolutely love that!

The worst? Chastity – Coming up with words that match the melodies that have been written. The reason is because you know exactly what you want to say but then the melodies are so specific that you have to word it just right so it is delivered effortlessly. It can become frustrating at times.

What makes your partnership with Ian work? It works because he is my very best friend in the world. He knows exactly how to approach a situation with me because he knows all my trigger points. He always knows exactly what to say and when. I’m pretty lucky!

Chas silver solo 8What problems have you ran into with this album and how did you overcome them? Chastity – I would say the biggest problem would be the time and getting the EP done. We started this right before I went on tour with Duran Duran. After I came back we had to start off where we left off and it also took a totally new musical direction due to my inspirations from tour and Ian’s growth as a songwriter when I left. So we’ve just buckled down and started hammering it out. We’re looking forward to wrapping this up.

How did you two create this album? We started with musical inspirations that touched us both which created the overall vibe of who we were and wanted to be. We then dug into subject matter and what we wanted to talk about. The music from there came from something as simple as a guitar riff or even a drum pattern that we both loved. From that point we then built the songs up to their final shape with our amazing partner and producer Sahaj Ticotin.

What is up next? Touring, radio, more videos and more music…Maybe even a stadium show. HA!

What other interests do you have? We’re both into health and fitness as well as mediation and sports. It’s so important to nurture your temple so that you can be clear about the person you need to be. It’s a big part of our life. Cooking is also another passion and we both love ufology. We constantly are trying to find out the latest and greatest information on the subject. Ian is a big time surfer -has been since he was 5. I also love to paint. It’s one of the only other things that I can do where I completely escape from reality as we know it. It’s a great meditation.


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