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Davey Suicide

1 July 2012 One Comment

(By Groovey) With a name like Davey Suicide you would not expect positivity out of Hollywood’s current rocketing sleazy-gutter-rock star but this band’s industrial madness seems to be wrapped all around such a thing.  Their new album Generation Fuck Star is not only a big rock-n-roll “Fuck You” to the current crop of soul draining celebrities but also an inspirational boot-strap-up for those fans looking to find their own way through to the ass-kicking side of life.  Davey Suicide currently has a massive summer tour starting in July along with our good friends 9 Electric supporting the total badasses: Static-X.


Tell me about writing the new album Generation Fuck Star.

Davey: For me it was kind of like therapy honestly.  I got out a lot of stuff, a lot of like hang-ups, negative stuff that released it for me.  It felt like we got over this hump and are leaving all of our baggage behind so for me it was a very freeing feeling.  I felt like I didn’t have anyone telling me what I could or couldn’t say it was just a free-for-all and I love that.

So you had total control of this album?

Davey:  Yeah, definitely.  We basically had the authority to deliver a finished album.  The only thing that we ever had any discussions about was song order.  We went over the sequencing of the tracks but the label let us be “Us” and I think and that’s something that’s cool because they didn’t try to mold us into something.

Did you use any producers at all?

Davey:  It was self-produced.  We’re not going to let an idea go through unless we absolutely love it which has lead us to a point where we can listen back to everything and we love everything.  If a band gets produced by somebody they are complaining for months or years about how that wasn’t the sound they wanted.  But all of us love it and we listen to it a lot and I think that should be the way it should be.  If you are a band you should be creating your favorite band in the world.  That is what you should be doing and that should be the goal.

It’s kind of a rarity these days to have that much freedom.

Davey:  I think if we were coming back with something that was less than great maybe they would have spoken up but I think because of the fact that we proved to them that it was legit and it was real and the more we showed that it was they said, “Just keep doing what you are doing.”

Where did you come up with the name Generation Fuck Star for the album?

Davey:  I feel like we live in a time where a lot of talentless people; basically people that were born in a rich family have had the ability to become famous because they have money behind them and because of that fact everything is watered down. We want fans to like a band’s music because it’s a real experience and because musicians are writing the music that they love.  The idea of a “star” has been destroyed because of Kardashians and all that stuff.

For people who haven’t heard you before can you describe the vibe and the feel of the album?

Davey:  It’s an industrial rock n roll album.  It’s sleazy-gutter-industrial rock.  I think that hits it.  There’s a moment of vulnerability and there’s a lot of truth in a lot of the lyrics.

Which is pretty unique because your image and sound is sleazy-gutter-industrial rock but you have this weird positive vibe all about you.  How do you effectively mix those different vibes?

Davey:  There’s just a lot of people who complain about things and for me just as a rule in life don’t complain unless you have a solution for it.  I’m the first to point out what’s wrong with things but I say, “Hey, let’s try it this way and I think the outcome will be better.”  That’s how I think in life and it just translated into the lyrics.

Your stage show is known to be pretty elaborate and ludicrous.  Tell me about that.

Davey:  I think we’re all monsters in personality and I have always wanted to create the experience that I had growing up watching bands and I want from the second we walk out on stage for people to get a vibe from us.  I feel we have been doing that and from the feedback we have been getting so far that is what it is. We have five front-men at every position.  We wanted to create a big monster and I feel that is what we did.  We also made a video to go along with all of our songs.  We have propaganda flashing and imagery that coincides with the lyrics and it all synchs up with the songs.

Is there any type of message or motto or philosophy you are trying to get across to the fans?

Davey: I want people to realize how much strength they have within themselves to accomplish what they want.  My biggest beef with religion is that it makes you pass the ownership of your life to something else.  We’re all in the driver’s seat, we have the capability to steer ourselves in whatever direction we want, and as fast and as slow as we want and depending on how hard we work.  The only reason boundaries in life exist is because we put them there.  You can live as free and as dominate as you want if you just don’t stay within the confines of what social society says is wrong or right.



Upcoming tour dates:
Sun. July 15 – Texas Showdown Festival – El Paso, TX – w/ Static X & Days of the New 
Mon. July 16 – Dos Amigos – Odessa, TX – w/ Static X – BUY TIX
Tues. July 17 – Jake’s Sports Cafe Back Room – Lubbock, TX – w/ Static X – BUY TIX
Wed. July 18 – Trees – Dallas, TX – w/ Static X – BUY TIX
Thurs. July 19 – Scout Bar – Houston, TX – w/ Static X – BUY TIX
Sat. July 21 – Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX – w/ Static X – BUY TIX
Mon. July 23 – Revolution Live – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – w/ Static X
Tues. July 24 – Orpheum Theatre – Tampa, FL – w/ Static X
Wed. July 25 – Beacham Theatre – Orlando, FL – w/ Static X - BUY TIX
Thurs. July 26 – The Valarium – Knoxville, TN – w/ Static X
Fri. July 27 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – w/ Static X
Sat. July 28 – Freebird Live – Jacksonville, FL – w/ Static X
Mon. July 30 – The NorVa – Norfolk, VA – w/ Static X – BUY TIX

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