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Davey Suicide

15 May 2012 No Comment

(By: Nadia Guardado) Someone who is easily recognizable and whose name is surely becoming more and more popular, Davey Suicide has got something to say and you better listen. With his debut album GENERATION FUCK STAR being made available to his loyal fans, it’s time for some of your pent up aggression to be released.


HMM- Where did the name Davey Suicide come from?

I hit a ceiling. I had some opportunities that slipped away, and I woke up one day with the
idea of ‘Davey Suicide’. I needed a constant reminder that we’re all in the driver’s seat. If
I give up on myself, shit’s not going to go the way I want it to. I’d rather live by my rules
than feel like I’m stuck inside a box. It’s about believing in yourself. Put your trust in

HMM- Can you give us a brief background on the band and how it came to be?

Frankie and I met and started working together on a song called “One More Night.” It
didn’t take long to realize that we had great chemistry so we started writing more and
more. I already knew Ben at that point and Frankie knew Needlz. Ben brought in Griffin,
as the final piece and so it began.

HMM- Your debut album is set to drop soon, what can we expect?

An unbridled honesty and confidence to rock that’s been absent for a long time.
There are tracks to fuck to, rebellion, shedding fear, propaganda and hope.

HMM- Is there a concept behind this album?

The basic ones are second chances, self belief & becoming yourself. I’ll leave the
deep seeded ones up to the listener.

HMM- Do you have a favorite track off the album? If so, which one and why.

“In My Chest is a Grave” is a song about my childhood and it’s the moment you let go of the baggage from it. I was so angry. I was forced to go to church, and see a shrink. I
never had a steady home because my parents were divorced and I’d go between houses every 2 weeks. I moved out at 16 and started sleeping on the back porch of ex-girlfriends
house. I couldn’t be myself because they wanted me to live up to the social standard. This song is the moment you bury it and regain your freedom.

HMM- Where do you hope to be in a year from now with your band?

Playing arenas with my predecessors

HMM- Image isn’t everything but you guys sure do look like a lot of time & detail goes into
yours. How would you describe your image/look?

We’re a dirty gutter goth steampunk monster. We make all of our wardrobe and
we’re all characters as people and that reflects what we are in the band.

HMM- Are there any collaborations you would like to do?

Eminem. He sees through the media fascade and I’d like to capture an industrial rock
sequel to White America.

Check them out:


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