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Iconic electronic music producer Juno Reactor originally caught the imagination of sci fi and fantasy fans worldwide with their groundbreaking score (in conjunction with composer Don Davis) for the 1999 dystopia mega-hit The Matrix. While the incredible score and soundtrack changed how viewers looked at the music genre, the British based group, masterminded by the inimitable Ben Watkins, has been developing their unique blend of techno with trance, global, and orchestral elements. Since their emergence as an art project in 1990, Juno Reactor has released 8 full length albums along with 16 singles / EPs, and 5 live compilations, as well as scoring or having music featured in several movies and video games. Needless to say, Ben Watkins has been making some of the most innovative, creative, and influential electronic music since before most of today’s US ‘EDM’ fans were born. And despite this history, and 0ften being pigeonholed as ‘trance,’ Juno Reactor has never stopped exploring and experimenting with ways to create what has become a genre of music all its own.

Juno Reactor, as a live show, has played some of the most artistically elite and legendary events throughout the world: The Great Wall of China, Ozora Festival,

Continuing their reputation for creative innovation, Juno Reactor has also developed a breathtaking stage spectacle, The Mutant Theatre, bringing together two incredible Russian dance troupes, Stigma Show and Agnivo.

“I met The Stigma Show 2011 at a festival on a small Island off the coast of India about 9 hours south drive from Goa. They suddenly appeared in their glass mirror costumes and danced to Conga Fury as the first rays of sunlight hit. Agnivo I met in Moscow who also came especially to perform without me knowing when i was DJing there.” – Ben Watkins

The show, as you can see in the video above, features not only the intense musical style that Juno Reactor is renown for, but includes a dazzling array of costumes donned by the incredibly talented dancers. The costumes, designed by members of each troop, Sasha from the Stigma Show in that case, are unique and wearable by only the dancers for whom they’re designed. The track for the video, “Let’s Turn On,” is, in fact, inspired by one of Sasha’s designs: a  3000 LED, wifi controlled costume.

Originally launched at the 2016 Ozora Festival, by request, The Mutant Theatre is a constantly evolving concept, growing more elaborate in both conception and execution with each performance. The connection between music and spectacle is inseparable, with Ben and the members of the troupes working together to create and develop what the stage show is meant to convey.

And now, the next chapter in the phenomenon known as Juno Reactor is an upcoming LP, named for the stage performance, set to release June 22nd on legendary electro-industrial label, Metropolis. Just one of many impressive releases coming out of Metropolis this season (Lords Of Acid’s Pretty in Kink and PIG’s Risen both just dropped), Juno Reactor – The Mutant Theatre is both inspired by and has evolved in the same way over the 2 years that it’s taken Watkins to complete it.

“The Mutant Theatre live show could easily expand and evolve, but will need a bit of heavy weight finance to take it to where i would love to see it. Now it is evolving in a very nice way, it feels like a family, the way it should be, and with 18 people involved it is quite amazing we all get on so well.”

While The Mutant Theatre has been entirely created and developed during their European dates, the spectacle is slated to come to the states, at no less a venue than Caesar’s Palace and at no more incredibly appropriate event than DEFCON 2018. Originally imagined as a Vegas style show, The Mutant Theatre

“I always wanted to have a big show, a Barbarella meets Pan’s Labyrinth tableau with a sci-fi edge, set to trance and psytrance music; a huge, Las Vegas-style spectacle for the eyes, ears, and imagination. We’ve staged The Mutant Theatre throughout Europe since that inception, and it has developed with each show….We’re so thrilled that we’ll finally be bringing the show to the home of its inspiration…they are known for bringing cutting edge music to Defcon. They had seen some of the live shows on Youtube and loved the idea to bring it to Las Vegas, which was where i have always wanted to see this show perform…”

Track List:
1. The Return Of The Pistolero
2. Our World
3. Let’s Turn On
4. Dakota
5. Alien
6. The Sky Is Blue The Sky Is Black
7. Showtime
8. Voyager 304
9. Tannhauser Gate

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Catch Juno Reactor LIVE:
06/27 @ Dakini Festival 2nd Edition – Tuzia Beach, Romania
06/29 @ Rencontres & Racines 2018 – Audincourt, France
07/07 @ Genesis Skansen Kronan Project – Gothenburg, Sweden
07/20 @ VooV Experience 2018 – Putlitz, Germany
07/26 @ Electric Love Music Festival 2018 – Salzburgring, Plainfeld, Austria
08/06 @ Samsara 4th Europe Edition & 1st Land Art Finissage – Siófok, Hungary
08/09 – 08/12 @ DEF CON 26- Las Vegas, NE
08/18 @ Moonworld – O Som do Universo – Andradas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
11/17 @ ORION Festival 2018 – O Templo De Hórus – Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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