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Black Water

JJ Tyson – drums
Michael Mundy – lead vocals
iOS (Andy) Patzer – guitars & backup vocals
Bill Kahler – bass guitar & backup vocals
(By Daniel Morrison) Black Water Greed is a five piece  band that officially launched as a force in the music industry in Lancaster, PA in 2012 while riding the wave of the wild popularity of the song “Walk Away.” The song, authored by Tyson, chronicles an emotionally unhealthy, insecure relationship that is fraught with jealousy and toxicity…where the best thing to do is to walk away.  Their debut album “Circle Of Sin”  produced by David Mobley, features 11 powerful songs, to include the newly mixed and remastered single “Walk Away”.
Our interview with Black Water Greed:
Please introduce yourself, what part you play in the band and something you would find shocking inside of a piñata if you busted it open.

Hello Daniel. It’s an honor and pleasure to be here. My name is JJ Tyson. I am the founder/drummer/songwriter from the rock band ‘Black Water Greed’. Hmmm – interesting question. What would I find shocking in a pinata? Well Daniel – I would say a picture of our band standing naked in a swamp all covered in mud pointing at each other saying things that are best not printed here – lol… Seriously – it could be a couple things, such as a backstage pass to a concert with a meet and greet with one of my all-time idols, Paul McCartney, or obviously the winning lottery ticket to a billion dollar jackpot…

Anymore I’m focusing on things that are uplifting. If someone were to hear a song they would think, “Wow, I feel inspired now!”  On Circle of Sin the track “Walk Away” was one of those that I would’ve felt that way for with my last ex-girlfriend. Can you tell us what you feel comfortable with about your personal situation, what prompted you to leave it and how you feel now?

Well Daniel – I wrote our song ‘Walk Away’ about an ex that everyone thought was a princess and that she could do no wrong. Unfortunately – once we were home together alone and away from the limelight, the bitching, the jealousy and the ‘I could do nothing right’ stuff started… When I first started writing ‘Walk Away’, we were still together. But something inside of me was trying to tell me something. I still remember her exact words “Oh, so you’re writing a song for me”? And out of nowhere I responded back to her “No, I’m writing a song about you”. The more I wrote and the more that the song came together – I knew that it was time for me to “walk away”. When it was finally over, I felt like the world had just lifted all the stress off my shoulders. It was by far one of the best things I’ve ever done! The inspirational part of this story is that I got an e-mail from a fan telling me that she heard our song ‘Walk Away’ and that it helped her cope with the same or similar situation that I went through and gave her the courage to “walk away” from the abusive relationship that she was in at the time. I remember her thanking me for helping her through it…  She said that I wrote her life story in five minutes. That meant more to me than anything in the world!… Being able to touch someone so deeply with my song…WOW what a feeling!

 And how long ago has that been over?

Well that relationship has been over for about 8 years… She’s finally decided to move on. I’m over it and I chalk it up as an experience that I will never live again! You learn a lot after the fact!…

What do you see as right in the world today?  Not politically, per se, but something that isn’t so bad?

This one is easy Daniel. The answer is music… As someone once said, music is the universal language. Music brings all walks of life together in harmony. It’s something that most if not everyone around the world can relate to. It seems to bring peace to people. One example could be a concert. All of the different languages around the world may not understand one another – but music can and does bring them all together! There is so much to be said about this world, and the best wat to say it is through music… Again – it’s the universal language that everyone understands…

My interviews are short and to the point nowadays. One part uplifting, one part what’s going on with you and one part odd and unique. Now that we have been uplifted, tell us what’s going on currently with the band and pitch whatever you want to. Tours, where to get your stuff, cool things people can be a part of with Black Water Greed, etc.

Well Daniel, we’ve really been working hard promoting ‘Black Water Greed’ along with our new album ‘Circle Of Sin’. Without the help of my great friend and legendary Composer/Producer David Mobley – our album along with where we are today most likely would have never happened. I owe this man the world for all that he has done for us. And our Publicist, Yvonne Laughlin. What can I say. She’s a real force in the business getting us radio play, interviews, etc. etc… I guess the odd and unique part would be how I write songs. I can simply be driving down the road and something will come to me, so I pull over and record some lyrics and/or thoughts or simply hum a melody into my cell phone… Sometimes I’ll write a few lyrics or thoughts in a text or notepad – not so to simply remember the moment but to actually be able to see the words…

Now for my ‘Black Water Greed’ super sales pitch Daniel – lol… Our current fans and future fans can find us all over the internet. Our song ‘Walk Away’ is on You Tube with currently well over one million views and still going strong. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our official website www.blackwatergreed.com is where you can find our CD ‘Circle Of Sin’ for sale along with BWG decals, autographed band photos, tee shirts hats etc. – so jump on the wagon and check us out! Also, you can order a hard copy or download a song or two or the whole entire album on most all major online stores including Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby, etc… Dates and times of all future tours and live broadcasts will be announced soon on our official Black Water Greed website along with other social media platforms!

Now here comes that famous last question.  If you couldn’t help but to spew some negativity until you felt better would you choose to inhale helium first, have the words translated into Wookie as you spewed them or have a trombone play over them when you said them?  What song of yours would best represent this situation? And if any of this ever actually happened, tell that story please!

Definitely a famous last question Daniel – lol. Let’s first go with inhaling helium, blowing on a trombone and then have Wookie tell the story … In all seriousness – I would have to say that our song ‘Circle of Sin’ would be a good one. It depicts what’s happening throughout the world as we speak – in my strong opinion. Many of the lyrics throughout this song reflect on just how much society has strayed, through all walks of life and all colors of skin… It’s a masterminded conspiracy. Corruption igniting a revolution, and we are now quite possibly all living in a dying land. This is so sad but so true!

Thanks for your time and I do wish you the best as you go forward in life!

Our pleasure and honor Daniel…  I want to thank you so much for this opportunity to sit down and chat with you. We would also like to thank our family, friends and especially our loyal fans for standing by and supporting us. Without our fans we have nothing… We love you all… See you on the road soon!


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