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Joyce Reynolds Interview

9 September 2020 No Comment

Slave HeartJoyce Reynolds is a talented and prolific author who writes gripping and intelligent fiction that holds the reader to the last word.  Her latest work Slave Heart is getting universal praise from critics and fans alike.

Please tell us  how you came up with this idea to write Slave Heart?
A few years back I visited a plantation house. I walked it and felt like there was this energy that hadn’t died. I knew I wanted to tell the story for those that couldn’t speak for themselves.
Do you ever mix fact with fiction in your writing?
I often mix fact with fiction. I love history and I love stories in general. I think it is the best of both worlds.
At what age did you first discover you wanted to be a writer?
I was telling stories before I could write. I believe it was always just part of who I am.
Where do your inspirations come from, friends? Life experiences? dreams?
It’s really hard to explain. The smallest thing for me can spark a question in my mind and then it turns into a story.  For example in high school I was supposed to write a short story. I sat on my bed and looked down at a dime on the floor. I instantly pretended that I could see through the dimes eyes. And I traveled with it, having all of these different life experiences through the eyes of a dime. A silent witness to life.
Do you have any advice for aspiring writers ?
Yes, always be true to who you are. Don’t write a story you think people want to read. Write a story that speaks to you and I guarantee that’s what people will want to read.
Who if any is your favorite person in your script and why?
My favorite person in the book is Egypt / Vivienne. She is a spirit trying to conform to a physical world. But she learns that everything physical is tangible. It’s a good lesson for us all. We put way too much into rules and race. Life is short and we need to live outside of the box.
Who are some of your favorite authors or writers ? Or someone maybe that inspires you?
Joyce croppedI have read many things in my life that inspired me. I think the person who inspires me is Lincoln. He knew he had a job to do. There were several attempts on his life.  He didn’t believe those attempts would be successful until he finished what he was born to do. I remind myself of that sometimes. There is a purpose and a plan and we shouldn’t worry about things we can’t control. We all just need to do our thing and let the rest go.
Do you think of your writing as a bit of a spiritual gift or has it just always come natural, please explain your feelings on this.
Absolutely it’s a spiritual gift and because it’s a gift things do come natural to me. It reminds me of an athlete who is born with an ability. It may come natural, but it still takes work, training and failures. That is all part of it.
When you write, does it excite you or do you feel exhausted when you’re finished?
It excites me, sometimes I feel exhausted because I stay up too late or spend too much time on it. But as soon as I walk away I’m wanting to go right back to it because I love it.
Would you consider yourself a full or part time writer at the moment?
Full time, because it’s always part of me.
Do you ever get “Writer’s Block” Or get bombarded with too many thoughts to take time to focus when you write?
I haven’t got writer’s block yet. I think my challenge is that I have too many ideas and my mind bounces around a lot. Focus is an issue for me. A lot of my best moments are when I don’t look at my phone and the T.V. Is off. I zero in on the world that I am writing about and I just become one with it.
What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?
That is an easy answer for me. It is the novel “The Run, the story of Reynolds mountain.” It’s my favorite because it is about my dad and my family. My dad told me the stories while he was dying and I was sad to lose him, but I realized that there is hope in the stories of other people that have gone unnoticed. If I could pass something along, it is the legacy of what really matters in life. Sometimes we live our lives thinking the world won’t know us, but you never know. Someone might just pick up your story and run with it years later.
How many hours do you write a day?
It depends on the day. Once I start writing that is usually where the day starts and where the day ends.
And finally, What are your goals in your life with respect to your writing and yourself to achieve?
My goal is not just to entertain, but to get people to look at something from a different point of view. People don’t have to think how I think. I don’t need to think about how someone else does, but if we are all willing to look at something through someone else’s eyes, maybe we will at least understand where they are coming from.
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