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8 February 2010 9 Comments

The Rockstar Mayhem 2010 bands and dates have been announced and as with the previous two Mayhems, it is a powerhouse line-up, capped with main stage performances by Korn, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch.

 As with any music festival tour like Mayhem, such as Ozzfest or Warped tour, everybody has their opinion about the line-up.  Each person thinks that this band or that should be included or have a vision of how the bands should be all of their favorite bands.  What many of those fail to realize is that Mayhem wasn’t put together as a replacement for Ozzfest or as a platform strictly for one genre or style of metal.  Kevin Lyman, organizer of Mayhem discussed prior to Mayhem 2009 with Jimmy Roc of Hollywood Music TV (HMTV) that Mayhem isn’t geared towards specific niches of metal, but it is simply “metal” which is a broader spectrum.  Regardless, this years show is assuredly going to appease a vast metal audience. 

 The third installment of Mayhem continues to deliver a wide range of metal, not just on the main stage but on the Jagermeister and Mayhem Festival stages.  While the main stage boasts some big names, the second stages are packed with bands that could just as well play the main stage being headliners of their own.  The Jagermeister stage features hardcore metal icons, Hatebreed, as well as modern-day metal maestros Chimaira, thrash metal giants, Shadows Fall and the thunderous deathcore breakdowns of Winds of Plague.  The Mayhem Festival Stage displays an even wider range of the metal with tireless tour veterans Atreyu, Grammy nominated Norma Jean, mis-monikered “metal darlings” In This Moment and the throwback sound of 3 Inches of Blood.

The debate rages on about where Korn falls in relation to their musical style.  Where there is no argument is that Korn unequivocally has a sound that is their own and from the outset of their career, which includes six Grammy nominations, there is no other band that they can be compared to in any genre.  Despite much publicized partings with core members; with 30 million albums sold worldwide, Korn is a musical juggernaut, reaching a mass audience beyond just the mainstay metal heads. 

Lamb of God, fresh off the success of their most recent album Wrath last year and Grammy nomination for the single Set to Fail, sits at the top of the metal world these days.  In 2009 they toured with metal gods, Metallica, which some fans and critics would depict as a passing of the torch to the metal icons of the new millennium.  In any event, anybody that has been to a LoG show can attest, they deliver a punishing brand of metal that will have the pit(s) moving brutally.

While Rob Zombie has enjoyed considerable success as a screenwriter and film director/producer of horror flicks, nobody forgets that first he was frightening the masses through his music much as Black Sabbath did many years prior.  The hottest place in L.A. to be this past Halloween was the Palladium for the Zombie show.  Zombie’s live performance delivers the artistic quality that he prides himself on in all facets of his life.  His inclusion in Mayhem was timed perfectly as his new album is complete and set for release in the Spring of 2010.

Since 5FDP (Five Finger Death Punch) emerged there has been nothing that has slowed their rise to the top of metal.  After the unbridled success of their debut album The Way of the Fist, there was no sophomore slump with the Fall 2009 release of War is the Answer that landed in the top ten on the charts in the first week of release.  Their live sound and performance is merely an example of how hard they have worked to get to where they are in such a short time.

While some look for the side stages to only feature the flavor-of-the-day bands; the Jagermeister stage has bucked that trend with a line-up of established metal mastersWinds of Plague, Chimaira and Hatebreed teamed up to slaughter venues this past summer as components of the Decimation of the Nation tour.  The pits were non-stop brutality in every city as they brought truth to the tour title.  Throw in Shadows Fall and the catalogue of metal masterpieces on the Jagermeister stage alone could sustain an entire weekend festival.

The artist formerly-known-as the Hot Topic stage will not take a backseat though.  3 Inches of Blood, Norma Jean and Atreyu all bring over 10 years of touring and annihilation experience to the Mayhem Festival stage.  In this Moment, who turned Warped Tour on its ear in 2009, brings a stage presence and intensity that is matched only by Maria Brink’s voice.  They are by no means “metal darlings” which suggests they are some sort of cute facsimile of a real metal band.  In reality, ITM commands respect of their peers and metal fans universally.

Every year Mayhem has allured a broad spectrum of musical giants and 2010 is no exception.  When the side stages are filled with titans of modern metal and in no way the minor league venues of the tour, the Mayhemfest organizers have accomplished exactly what they have set out to do; keep metal going through the experience of a top-notch summer festival, stacked with an A-list of metal artists.  Top to bottom the 2010 version of Mayhem is arguably the best assembly thus far.  Whether you agree with every band selection or not, the festival which kicks off July 10th in Devore, CA, is sure to be an experience that whose description in years to come will start off with, “Oh man, do you remember Mayhem 2010….”

If you are planning on attending Mayhem, be sure to check Mayhemfest.com for the venue near you.  Security is tight and the list of things you can’t bring through the gates is hard and fast.  Remember, it is a family event and the safety of all fans is important.


  • Steve said:

    This tour is going to be allot of fun this year.

  • Grib said:

    Cant wait!!!!

  • Steve said:

    This year will kick ass..

  • Qetesh said:

    I SO want to go to this! I will begin making arrangements… :) See you all there.

  • RenickFaSho said:

    Deffinitly can’t miss this years show.

  • Steve said:

    Which one will you guys be going to do you think?

  • jasonmesa_neversurrender said:

    I will there at the very first show :)

  • StephanieMarie said:


  • Grib said:

    this tour will whip the llhamas ass!!!

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