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Awake For Days Interview

9 October 2019 No Comment

Awake For AFD October 19 CoverDays are based out of the island paradise of Sardinia located off the coast of Italy.  The four piece play a killer style of modern metal that they have brought to the US via the main support slot on a ridiculously huge tour with Cold which is currently rolling down a road by you. Awake For Days perform with extreme amounts of heart and energy, their songs are catchy, intelligent and powerful and the band itself humble and wickedly talented.   

Currently you are on a monster tour with Cold what was the band’s reaction when you heard you landed the gig?

(Lukas) We didn’t believe what we were hearing when our manager Shawn Barusch confirmed us that we were going on tour with Cold! It was one of the best moments of our lives, and I think we will remember that day forever.

What’s it like working with Cold on a day to day basis? What are they like as people?

(Nick) Oh, they’re just AMAZING persons. Anyone in the band has been very welcoming and careful with us, but apart of our perception, we discovered great musicians wrapped into humble humans, and that’s why Cold Army recognizes into this kind, respectful attitude. That has made us feel comfortable since the very first day, and working with them and their crew is simple and easy, everyone helping each other into a familiar and constructive feeling

Was it difficult in the beginning to get in the groove of this tour or did everything just click?

(Nino) Not so much, our tour manager Mike managed very well all the aspects of resting day by day so we’ve been always at our best to give the best to the people in the crowd. We are blessed to have Papa Mike with us, he is such a great man.

How have the American audiences been reacting to your music and performances?

(Nick) There’s no other words than AMAZINGLY. We’ve always had a powerful attitude in our shows: we live for our music and we want this feeling involving the listeners. But here we are having the BEST response EVER. Every night we look one each other surprised during the show, with people in front of us clapping hands, waving horns, singing on choruses even if they’re hearing our songs for the very first time. What’s most absurd, coming here for the first time, is that every night and we find ourselves signing autographs on shirts and CD’s, for many people that tell us how our performance has been appreciated.

What cities have been the highlights so far on the tour? And why?

(Nick) It’s hard to choose one specific city, ‘cause every step is totally new for us, we are visiting so many places that we used to know only by books or movies, plus we didn’t really had any shitty show so far, so every place is great and surprising for us! Imagine four fresh guys coming from the little Sardinian scene and all of a sudden they’re catching a huge response at the Brooklyn Bazaar in NY, at The masquerade in Atlanta or at The Iron Works in Buffalo….I mean, that’s ridiculously GREAT!

We’ve been very proud and honored of playing at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan, a great venue created by enlightened people and where many of our great inspirations played in the last 20 years. Sold out show and great response by the crowd: amazing. Same thing in the Rock Box of San Antonio, the Scout Bar in Houston and The Trees in Dallas, but as I said, for us every city is a new discovering and we are having great times everywhere.

Have you had any special interactions with fans on this tour that you will always look back in fondness?

unnamed (15)(Nick) We had a great emotion in Lancaster PA, where at the end of the show, while performing our bow to the crowd (we use to thank everyone for being part of our show) someone from the crowd yells loudly “Welcome to America”. Great moment! You can see the video on our Instagram!

What type of equipment are you running on this tour?

(Nino) We are now running a small equipment, it’s a smart choice with amp sims and program change to speed up stage changes and pack light cause we don’t have very much room for instruments. The top is the agreement with Schecter guitars that our manager Shawn and Skummy made for our tour and now we have the chance to play those incredible guitars and basses on this tour.

Touring is the crucible that makes musicians better and bands tighter. What has been your experience so far with everyone’s skill level and delivery?

(Nino) We are noticing an improvement from the first gig here in the states, touring is a bless for those who want to live from music because gives you the opportunity to understand all the aspects of playing in front of different crowds every night and it’s something you can’t understand being local playing only for your friends and girlfriends.

Are you writing on the road? If so how are the songs different from earlier writings?

(Lukas) Of course yes, we have everything we need to continue writing and recording on our Tour Bus, and I must say that things are going very well as we are so inspired in this time of our lives, I think you will like the things we are recording. The writing method has never changed, we are lucky enough to travel with our producers and this means that everything proceeds in the most professional way possible.

You are playing two nights at the legendary Viper Room on November 5th and 6th. What are your thoughts on that and how will you prepare for these shows?

(Lukas) Thinking of playing at the Viper Room, until a few months ago could be only a dream. Now that this dream is coming true we are so excited, we will play in a legendary place where so many of our favorite artists have played. I would say that our preparation can be identified in the Tour in its entirety, the dates of the Viper Room will be the last of this Tour and we still have many Venues before we get there, so there will be so many stages where we can develop the best show we can have in this moment.

When the tour is over what is the first thing you will do? And when you finally get home what will be the first thing you do?

(Mike) Honestly I believe that as soon as we arrive we will eat a nice plate of spaghetti! But for sure we will continue to work hard, writing new music and maybe doing a tour in Europe. It will depends on how this tour goes, but the important thing for us is to keep working to improve ourselves and our music.

Overall has your opinion of America changed in any way over the course of the tour?

(Lukas) It has changed for the better. We didn’t think we would get so many acclaim from the audience. Seeing them sing our songs, asking for autographs and photos, was not the least expected. This is why we look forward to returning to America asap, for your people. Having the chance to stay on Tour for 3 months has given us the great opportunity to travel all over the United States, and see first-hand what we only saw in the movies until yesterday.

unnamed (16)When do you think you will return to the states for another tour?

(Nick) Depending on us, we will be back ASAP. We’re very sure that this one is only the first of many tours to come, so you’ll better learn our songs in order to sing it with us next time!

Is there anything you would like to add or people you would like to thank?

The first person we had to thank is, of course, our Rainmaker Shawn Barusch, for taking care of our greatest dream and making it reality. Then Mike, our tour manager, driver, life-on-the-road-teacher, which is doubtless the best person we can ever meet in this moment of our career. Also we have to give HUGE thanks to Groovey, Stu, Amanda, Gwen and all the great team of MGI that is working hard every day for us. Last but not least, we say THANKS to every person that supported us with our CrowdFunding campaign (still running on GoFundMe, check our website) but also buying a Cd, a T-Shirt, taking a photo with us and encouraging us for the best to come. We –literally- live for this!

Cover Photo of Lukas Moore by Gina Russoniello.

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