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Electronic Artist VEXILLARY Unveils Innovative New Video, “The Geneticist”

19 December 2020 No Comment


December 17, 2020 – Electronic artist VEXILLARY has unveiled their innovative new music video for the track, “The Geneticist.”

“The Geneticist” appears on VEXILLARY‘s latest EP, SurViolence.

Video Credits:
Original art: Luqmn Ashaari
Animation and editing: Nikolay Yunkevich
Produced and directed by: Reza Seirafi

Check out the video HERE:
The opulent darkwave closing song off of VEXILLARY’s latest EP, SurViolence has now received the music video treatment it deserves. Both the song and the video explore the link between science and spirituality and how they influence one another. The dark supernatural theme is embodied by the menacing lyrics of the song :“Chimera awaits at the tip of his hands, a snap of his fingers and the beast is in your land.”

The video echoes the same theme visually. It presents us with a sci-fi dream sequence that plays like techno hypnotism.




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