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Geoffrey Gribbin “GRIB”

NameGeoffrey Gribbin  “GRIB”

Position: Photographer/ Writer

Location: Seattle Washington

Musical Genre’s: Acid Jazz to Zulu Music… yep that about covers everything.

Besides:  I also like to burn things for money.


Met my first RockStar at age 14.  Elton John. Geezus his house was a mess. Assisting 40 year Veteran Rock photographer Robert Knight Of led zeppelin jimi Hendrix fame you start getting accustomed to how to shoot live shows.

Thirty years later “The Dream” continues. As a friend one said , “some peoplecollect stamps, some people collect coins, I kinda collect RockStars.”

Covering Seattles music scene as its reemergence begins I am poised to bring to the world history as it happens.

Oh and by the way,  Screw three song limits every chance you can get.


Can reach me for photos at:


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