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Raewyn Smith

Name: Raewyn Smith

Position: Writer/ Contributor

Location: California-The World

Musical Genre’s: All Music

Besides: Promotions


Without music, life is really quiet. I don’t do quiet. I’m loud, in your face, and have way too much energy to know what to do with. I’m going to be a kick-ass journalist. I went to Ohio State for two years for the experience. Now I’m back in So-Cal, where I was born and raised, to get my journalism degree and work in the magazine world.

For some reason, I’m the girl everyone expects to be at the hard-core show. I’mterrified of the mosh pit. I’ll listen to all music at least once and will go to any show  because I love the atmosphere. I’ve been going to rock concert since I was 7 or 8 thanks to totally amazing rock n’roll parents.  Rocker chicks are the best role models a girl could have.

If you want me to cover your band email me at:




  • Jim Miller said:

    Welcome, Raewyn! Glad you’re all setup and hope you have a lot of fun.

  • Raewyn said:

    Thanks Jim!!

  • Scotty2hotty said:

    Hi Rae!!! Look forward to reading your stuff and meeting you.

  • Raewyn said:

    You too!

  • Groovey said:

    Howdy! and Cheers! Ditto to what Scotty said!

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