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UK Industrial Artist MATT HART Unleashes New Video for “Triolith”

14 March 2020 No Comment

Tales Of Terra: Triolith EP Released via BandCamp

March 14, 2020 – UK industrial artist MATT HART proudly announces the new video and single release for “Triolith.”

For fans of: Ministry, Rammstein, 3Teeth

Video directed by Sandra DesOrmeaux and edited by MATT HART.

Check out the video for “Triolith” HERE:


“After the events of 3808 we find humanity on its last legs. A world controlled by the machine. The Outlaws are hunkered down in a bunker only leaving to engage in reconnaissance missions. One of which ends in many casualties. What they find is a huge three tower structure – the TRIOLITH – in construction. What it’s for is unclear.

Here begins the ‘Tales of Terra’. Stories from a post 3808 world.“



MATT HART conceived the idea to write electronic/industrial music under his own name about 15 years ago and has been writing music on the side ever since. However, holding down a day job, spending some time playing guitar and bass with London industrialists, CONCRETE LUNG and DJing at seminal London alternative club, SLIMELIGHT, held him back from focusing on his own creation.

In 2017 things changed and he decided to release a back catalogue of thirteen tracks called the Anthology of Corrosion in January. With renewed vigor for creation he then put out a two track single ‘Judge & Punish’ in March. Later in 2017 he released his first ‘proper’ EP, Chaos Rising and was reviewed by a few scene magazines.  More material followed in january 2018 with Transition01 and Chaos Rising 2 on the 14th March. On August 9th he released Mercury Flow and b-side, Better World (remastered)Chaos Rising 3 was released on 30th November 2018.

2018 was also the year to bring the chaos to the stage with live guitarist, Jerome Badoux of DRILLING SPREE. March 24th saw Matt support MORTALITECH at Zigfred Von Underbelly and more recently he supported [:SITD:] at the Electrowerkz. He has since received lots of good words towards his live show and will continue to evolve the music for the stage.

2019 began with a bang supporting SULPHER and SHEEP ON DRUGS at the Lexington, in April Matt supported Grendel and in July he supported GOD MODULE and ESA both at the Electrowerkz. In the summer he played the warm up party for UK’s Infest Festival with DAS ICH and in November he played the inaugural Static Darkness Festival in London with headliners, ROTERSANDFUNKER VOGT and AGONOIZE.

The Chaos Rising trilogy was produced, mixed and mastered by Matt himself and the artwork has been created by Vlad McNeally of Kallistidesign. Moving forward and starting with the new album TERRA 3808, Matt has employed the technical services of Adi Calef of DNA Studios London for all mixing and mastering.


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