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Andrew Jarrin: A Look From All Angles

8 November 2010 No Comment

Every so often it’s good to have a conversation with someone that has been on both sides on the music industry spectrum and understands what it’s like to be in the spotlight just as much as all the hard work that is the backbone for many bands now a days. When thinking of this, one person came to mind. I’ve personally known Andrew Jarrin for a little bit over 4 years now and he has always been a prime example, in my opinion, of what a humble musician and dedicated business person should be. I approached him with the idea of doing this interview while having some drinks at a Suicide Silence show in Pomona this month and when he agreed, I couldn’t have been more excited.

Having been a front man of a few completely different bands that were well received in the music scene, you must have a different perspective on the music industry now that you have become a manager.

Not really. When I was playing in bands, I considered myself a pretty grounded person and had a pretty solid grasp on how the inner workings of the industry were run. Then again, it’s ever changing and no route is completely the same. Although I am learning more and more about politics these days.

The music industry is known for being a dog eat dog business. What do you suggest bands do or need in order to survive and progress in their career.

1) When starting out, set some realistic goals for yourself, and raise the bar for yourself as you progress. We all know the goal is to sign a deal, sell records, and tour. But it’s not going to happen after a couple of rehearsals. So stay driven and persistent.
2) Network yourself and band like crazy. Go to as many shows, pass out flyers, and meet as many people as you can. Create a name and brand for yourself.
3) Have a great attitude, be the band who treats everyone with respect and support. Or as I like to say, “be like VANNA.”
4) Get out of your area and tour. Do It Yourself!
5) Invest a lot of time and MONEY into your band, your band is a just as much as a family as it is a business. Nurture it, and it will flourish. No one will invest in you, unless you invest in yourself.

What about a band catches your attention.
Bands who are doing something original. Good live shows and image go a long way.

Tell us a little bit about the company you currently work for now.
I am currently working for Ricochet Management. I work out of a pretty sweet office in Long Beach, CA; a couple blocks from the ocean. I manage bands, read priceless email band submissions, and sharpen pencils on a daily basis. I have a few bands I work personally for; All Shall Perish, The Crimson Armada, and Hands Like Glass. We also manage artists like Suicide Silence, Danza, Molotov Solution and many others.

Many bands that were successful 10+ years ago seem to have a pattern where they disappear for a few years, then reemerge with a “Come Back” album or tour. What are your thoughts on this? Is it something you suggest doing?

I am personally not big on it. But you gotta do what you gotta do. For some people it is their true calling in life to create music, if you can do it to you are in your old age… More power to you!

In my eyes you are a singer/front man above all. Can we expect to see you in front of an audience in the future?

No immediate plans, I love what I am doing now.

Being a singer comes with a million responsibilities as well as incredible pressure. What are some of your secrets or tips that you could share with other fellow aspiring front men or front women.
Network like crazy, and move on stage. Accept the fact that as a front man, a lot of pressure is placed on you. Make sure your skin is thick.

What are some bands out there currently that you suggest our HollywoodMusicMagazine.com readers check out.

The Crimson Armada, and Hands Like Glass. You will all know them soon, they both have amazing talent; and most of all… I’m hustling every day for em! Aside from bands on our own roster, I really love Bury Tomorrow (Artery Recordings), Periphery (Sumerian Records) and Chimp Spanner. Amazing musicians!

Any last words?
Make music fun!

Andrew Jarrin | Ricochet Management
Artist Management & Development





Interview & Photo By: Nadia Guaradado

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