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North of Never Releases Another Single: The Great Divide

12 August 2020 No Comment
The Great Divide Art workNORTH OF NEVER
Vocals / Michael Johnson
Guitar / Michael Ocampo
Guitar / Production / Erik Seime
North of Never is a hard rock/alternative metal band formed in February 2020.  The band consists of a trio of songwriters – Michael ‘MJ’ Johnson, Mike O’Campo and Erik Seime.  Their music has undertones of Sevendust, Red, Periphery, Breaking Benjamin and even the likes of Fallout Boy.  While many bands form locally, North of Never formed online.  North of Never has been on a roll.  Now releasing their 3rd single during the covid chaos.  The new single is called “The Great Divide!!
 Lyrically, ‘The Great Divide’ is about an uprising. The story behind the track is being told by a speaker who is encouraging an oppressed group to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Accompanied by heavy guitars and melodic undertones, ‘The Great Divide’ delivers an empowering message carried by an aggressive, in your face sound! Given the social unrest right now, this song will resonate with listeners across the globe.
The Great Divide is NOW available SPOTIFY
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