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The Hunger Artist Drop New EP “uh…” and Music Video for “Gotta Live a Life”

22 August 2018 No Comment

Tennysons Tap_102017(1)Alt-Rockers The Hunger Artist (Who made a big splash when they started selling Kanye West themed toilet plungers) have a new 3 song EP entitled “Uh. . . “ and a music video for the single “Gotta Live a Life” all cooked up fresh and ready for you to consume. “Uh. . . “ features three exceptionally catchy and excellently crafted earworms “Gotta Live a Life”, “i k​(​no) i don’t k​(​no)” and “Darling Please”.

On “Uh. . . “ songwriter Travis Moor combines playful jingles, driving rhythms, and catchy hooks to create a unique sound filled with personal and philosophical contradictions. An example of Moor’s lyrical style from “Darling Please”: “we’re admirable people, you and i. the world is a stupid, silly place. . . try your best not to drown out there. i wish you nothing less than all the love in the world.”

The music video for “Gotta Live a Life” features the legendary Little Fyodor as main character and he plays the part with his usual unusual style which fits perfectly with the groove of “Gotta Live a Life”. https://youtu.be/Kqc93QoyVFQ

What critics are saying about The Hunger Artist:

“The music is creative and accessible, cathartic and fun, complicated and simple.” - Josh Johnson, The Denver Post, The Know

“H.a. teeters between a playfully punk attitude, pop-like beats, and a general quirkiness that does not fit any mold.” – Jura Daubenspeck, The Bolder Beat

The Kanye West Toilet Plunger Story:


The Hunger Artist:

Travis Moor: Guitar and Vocals

Stefan Short: Drums

Colin Fausnaugh: Bass Guitar

Hunter Fausnaugh: Keys

Visit The Hunger Artist Online:


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