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7 July 2020 No Comment

Oddities.finalAfter a long-term hiatus The Slow Forward has returned with the album Oddities.  The layoff is evident in the best possible way, with a sound that is matured, developed and drawing from even more influences.  From beginning to end, this album takes the listener on an assortment of journeys with surprises around every corner.

As they have in the past, TSF experiments with different instruments and sounds and brought them together to create a truly unique album that could only be a TSF record. The open track “Down the Line” infuses a Tool-like sound that would make any longtime TSF fan at ease.  It is only an introduction to a cacophony of musical talent, great songwriting and delivery.

“Hesitation” is a song that was previously released as a single digital download for fans, but not on an album.  When I originally heard it back then, I thought it a masterpiece and it still holds up.

“Coming Home” has two parts.  Pt. 1 has a vaudevillian flare to it with horns that shows genius and originality and also features guest vocals from Jazmin Monet Estopin.  Pt. 2 is what I had hoped, in that it is the same some with a complete contrast to Pt. 1, along the vein of “Vermillion” by Slipknot that showcases great guitar work.

Singer and lyricist, Rob Brunelle, scribes a big middle finger to all the bands out there that think you don’t have to work at the music as if this is a beauty pageant and they are Jon Benet in the song, “A Guy Walks Into…” It isn’t veiled in the least, it is pretty blatant that those poser bands are a joke.

TSF knocks it out of the park on “Mothra.”  Hits hard right out of the gate with groove and never lets up.  This song is the crown of this jewel of an album that was recorded by David “Lunchbox” Franklin at Lunchbox Studios.

For those not familiar with The Slow Forward; “They have songs that range in style and span across genres all the while retaining their metal sound and deliver crushing organized chaos at times, and at other times are based on a thick blues foundation a.  A harmonious intro with a Southern Rock melody from vocalist/guitarist, Robert Brunelle, may lead you into a heavy cap peeling riff.  Bryan “Splinter” Morgan is a sick drummer that sets the tone and lays the foundation for the thickness emphasized by bassist Jay Hill.  The changes are synchronous with the guitars of Brunelle and Justin Hong, woven into the music instead of being the focal point with face melting solos and everything else in the background.”  -Hollywood Music Magazine, April 2013

Oddities can be purchased on iTunes and you can also check out the band on www.theslowforward.com.


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