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Vufcup Interview

13 September 2018 No Comment

VufcupIf you haven’t heard of Vufcup you are missing out.  They are crazy fun wizards of musical radness and their tunes are rockin’ good times.  Here is our interview with Bianx and Diggy Kat of Vufcup.

Okay let’s cover some basics. What the heck is a Vufcup? What’s the meaning behind the name? And how did you come up with it?

Bianx: Once every 15 thousand years a majestic dragon emerges from the depths of a lake to reveal a titanium egg with something mysterious inside….400 years ago, that dragon emerged and it sang out, “VUFCUP”
Diggy Kat: Ya that’s when i was 12 and 15 years before Bianx and i met. i was looking for a band name and had a few on the table and that one literally just kept singing out to me.400 years later and we’re still rockin’.

Who are the players and their roles in Vufcup?

Diggy Kat: There’s often a common misinterpretation of the line up and i don’t know how it happens!. Bianx and i are the songwriters, singers and we trade back and forth with bass and guitar duties. Britt is our drummer. Isn’t that right, Bianx?
Bianx: You’ve got Diggy Kat on lead trumpets, Bianx on kazoo and Ringo Starr on drums
Diggy Kat: Oh that’s how that happens!!

Describe your sound? Did it occur naturally or was it carefully constructed?

Bianx: Vufcup exists outside the construct in a universe of sound and color. Ever float through the galaxy on the back of a telepathic cat? Mix that with some punk, experimental, goth, alternative and dark wave. That’s the sound of Vufcup says in whispered voice
Diggy Kat: It sounds like a rainbow…dripping blood. we siphon as much out of each color as possible.

How has the band evolved it’s sound since it’s inception? Where do you see your sound heading in the future?

Diggy Kat: It’s in a constant state of evolving. a lot of bands evolve in their genre, we evolve and revolve around the genres. it’s exciting to work on a punk song, then a country song. a folk song, a 30 second song, a ten minute song, a goth song. as for the immediate future sound, look for something dark, slightly more aggressive and maybe a teaspoon of progressive psychedelic.
Bianx: It seems as time passes Vufcup’s sound regenerates into a new form of expression. More experimentation and doing our work at the other house.

Lyrically what messages are you trying to get across to the listener? Does the band have an overall agenda or motto?

Diggy Kat: It’s that life is only 10% of what happens and the 90% is how you choose to react to it. it’s about reciprocating positive energy and knowing when to cut the cords to what is toxic and knowing you have the power to transform anything you don’t like about yourself because you rule you. positivity, self-empowerment and love.
Bianx: Beeeeeeeeeee yourself. Also murder.

What are some of Vufcup’s major influences? How do you absorb an influence into your music without it crossing the line into copying that artist?

Diggy Kat: Great question. lyrically my biggest influence is Townes Van Zandt for the pure and raw integrity, musically it’s Type O Negative for not being afraid of a sudden switch in gears in arrangement, going from 100mph to 10mph in a split second and keeping things interesting! so ya folk country goth rock is the influence, there’s not even lines to cross haha
Bianx: The sounds of nature, the sounds of the cities, the sound of marbles falling down a staircase…..

tea (1)How do you push each other to keep refining your craft and advancing each others skill levels in recording and performance?

Diggy Kat: Everything from different time signatures, to writing and playing various genres and instruments, writing in odd song structures. that’s obviously not what we mainly release but it keeps us on our paws.all the songs will be released over the course of the next world end countdown though.
Bianx: Also periodic tar and feathers followed by massive amounts of curry consumption
Diggy Kat: Soooo much curry consumption. i don’t run for a lot of food but i hurry for curry.

Speaking of recording what are you working on next and how far along are you in that process? And who are/will you be working with in that regard?

Bianx: We are working on a new album, new videos, new artwork and a whole lotta interactive fun for the fans. We are super excited to be working with so many amazing new artists as well as centaurs who are very optimistic and always set up a wonderful deli tray for the band to consume during rehearsals
Diggy Kat: There’s gonna be a lot of fun things for the fans to figure out to get prizes and such. we’ve been busy branding ourselves as a multi-media experience, all the behind the scenes work is almost near completion. we’ll also be activating our first indiegogo campaign as well!

You are fairly prolific in producing music videos. What have been some of your favorite moments in your videos? What directing style do you prefer? And what’s the next video going to be?

Diggy Kat: Thank you!! we had never done music videos before our latest album and we jumped right in. man, so many favorite moments, so much laughter. i love the Charlie and Manuela Bowdre nod in “Home”, i love all the easter eggs we planted in the videos that gave clues to what all 5 singles were going to be before we released them. the musical chair scene in “These Games” was hilarious. again, we referenced back to Bowdre. We’re gonna wait until we have the next album recorded and done before we pick out the singles for the videos but oh man, we got some visual ideas already!
Bianx: My fav moments for sure are getting cake eaten off my face, getting murdered and laughing a lot.
We usually don’t take a lot of direction…it’s mostly proton collisions, so who knows what out of this world journey will manifest during the next video.

What the band’s plan and goals for the next 18 months?

Bianx: Writing, playing, singing, laughing, extreme llama counseling and fun
Diggy Kat: Darn it i forgot about the extreme llama counselling! well indiegogo, new album, new videos, new Easter eggs, more fun fan interaction to unleash.

What else would you like everyone to know about Vufcup?
Bianx: Feel like taking a trip through another dimension? Give us a listen and we guarantee you’ll end up at the other house
Diggy Kat: There’s never a dull moment and only one of us still has rabies.

And finally where do you stand in the pizza wars? Chicago? New York? Pineapple?

Bianx: All the pizza. ALL OF IT. Especially with veggie meat and afterthoughts
Diggy Kat: Bianx once offered up a pizza made of crushed dreams, that’s my fave. pineapple, Alfredo sauce and veggie sausage will always win my heart…but coffee needs to be served with it.


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